Call Me Bwana, Monsieur

Posted: January 20, 2023 in Uncategorized

Third time is the charm but not with only one arm? Lets recap

3 years ago in March 2020 we were about to fly to Brisvegas to catch a plane to Sydney for a flight to Johannesburg the next day for a 9 day safari to celebrate CLP 60th birthday. SCOMO – remember that clown? – stepped up to microphone and said “Its not a race, but you cant leave the country. Well, you can leave but you wont get back in ” #hillsonghumour . So cancelled our trip and postponed 12 months because Buffon Bob assured the world it would be gone by Easter and The Wall would stop it spreading. It became clear early on that 1)BB was a bigger clown than SCOMO and 2) the world was in lockdown for a long time. 2021 and then 2022 passed and finally some light was seen at end of tunnel so we settled in for 2023 Safari which now is planned to start in 6 weeks. Apart from seeing some amazing animals we also hope to learn more about some unique species

In the last year another opportunity arose to extend our holiday and tack on a week at end in France , as you do, with John and Lorraine. Too good an opportunity to pass up eh. Due to the vagaries of international travel we fly from Johburg to Lyon via Dubai and back with Emirates while the South African flights are with Qantas. Given the tight schedule of Safari we had planned to fly in 2 days before to allow for usual Qantas incompetence but of course they screwed us early this time , and hopefully for only time, by cancelling that flight three months ago! We now fly in the day before – what could go wrong….?

Having already had one holiday severely hampered by a slowly recovering ankle was happy to see some improvement now where can actually walk around the neighbourhood without a Bex and lie down. Of course there is still some pain but it is manageable. After all have been living with ankle pain for 40 years and mostly smiled my way through except in ’97 when I took that nail to my chin that left a hole there for a year or three.

As ankle has settled down a bit so has knee. Again , its not great but certainly bearable. I even had my first game of golf for 7 months and had been so long forgot to get dressed first but at least was sunsmart and wore a hat. My friends were LIV id with envy when they saw my trimmed down body but couldnt help but comment that I had become a bit of a tosser…..and a hooker and slicer. Unlike my general appearance it was not pretty

So in general things were slowly on the improve. And then the boom was lowered again. I am no doctor , although on a first name basis with plenty now, but I know rotator cuff injuries and almost 100% certain that left one has gone now having already had the right one done a few years ago. At that time was surprised when surgeon informed me that “bicep tendon was also off the bone ” and had to be reattached as no symptoms of that. I mention that now because while rotator cuff pain is classic – cant put a shirt on easily, hurts to place a bag in overhead storage!……., this time already have significant bicep pain which is very restrictive. The biggest issue in last 7 months, apart from pain, has been inactivity which combined with a 64 yr old Ferguson metabolism means the kgs are going to sneak on and have. Just turning the corner with walking and gym and now gym is off the table again 😦 Having already got significant pain dont want to risk further damage with trip 6 weeks away. A trip I might add that involves light aircraft and strict passenger weight limits!

So will start the slow process of seeing a surgeon about my shoulder but wont start the serious stuff until April at earliest and just hope can get through the holiday ok. Of course , apart from everything else these surgeries and rehab cut a fair hole in the old wallet. I will see my local GP next week as also have to get booster shots for typhoid etc because – yes you guessed it – they only last 3 years! Some malaria tablets too. Mind you, last visit did not go well

So, given my general pessimistic nature I wont relax until am actually in that Johburg hotel the night before our Safari starts. If we get to SA in time for Safari then can deal with any subsequent delays in my usual carefree way. Will have to pack a bit lighter of course because if CLP has to carry two suitcases everywhere I want her to be able to manage it as best she can.

I am thoughtful that way.

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