Call Me Bwana Monsieur (CMBM) – The Prelude

Posted: March 4, 2023 in Uncategorized

Always good to pad out a holiday with a few extra days at the start even if not all partying and thrill seeking. For this example let’s add a visit to my Slice n Dice guy at Sunshine Coast Private Hospital. He did a good job last time and Ultrasound and Flashiesmarts suggest same injury. For $200 he could tell me yes my shoulder was fucked and you are now 65. For $300 he will also guess your weight 😏 The significance of age is that the rotator cuff repair I had when a pup of 61 doesn’t tend to work as well at 65. While we both agreed I was a supreme physical specimen he did want an MRI to check on condition of remaining Flashville to see if two rubber bands and a paper clip would work again. There is another option of course. After 65 years of rubbing your shoulder the one way the shoulder will take reverse swing so they do a shoulder replacement called “ Reverse Shoulder” in old farts over 65. Looks an interesting op and does involve a replaced joint and a bank loan so time will tell. I have the MRI booked for Thursday before Easter and if all works then should know by time I rise again on Easter Sunday .

Back to thrill seeking and let’s sneak up on it at our age. We fly out , hopefully , on Wednesday to Johannesburg from Sydney. As a relatively early flight we have to travel to Sydney day before so do that on Tuesday – do the math people. This then means we need to be in Brisvegas on Monday to allow us time to get to airport etc. As luck would have it CLP had a voucher (RJER thanks) for a night at Stamford , our preferred Brisvegas hotel. Also an opportunity to drop in to low security Twilight home to see Ferguson Matriach before we jet off. Once in South Africa there will be times of no contact as no signal or wifi in some camps. I tell devoted followers now so there will be no wrist slashing if there isn’t a blog everyday 🕺🏻

I’m the one in the mask

After a pleasant visit with Mum we slowly made our way to The Stamford . Was able to check in at midday which is always good . It’s a great room with nice views as usual .

Then headed into CBD for lunch and a few last items . We have checked in for flight to Sydney tomorrow so one less thing to worry about . At this stage . Got our supplies and then had a big lunch at Stanton which certainly filled us up . Luckily could wash down with a cool ale on what was becoming a hot day

Officially full as a goog so while a sherbert later on appeals we may just have a quiet one this arvo as plenty of partaking will ensue in coming weeks and do have that 100 kg weight limit for light planes to consider. Mind you my response would be “ we booked as a double act fella which means we have paid for 200 kg . Took a while but I found a waif that only weighs 62 kg so I figure I am good up to 130 kg? Do the math fella “ Not confident it will work of course so better ease up just in case. We won’t starve in France of course anyway 😏 And it’s goodnight from him

Pleasant nights sleep until 4 am . Ding Ding. “Your upgrade for business class to Johburg on March 8th was successful. We messaged now because you will get plenty of sleep on flight now “ 😏 It’s great news of course but why tell us at 4 am in the morning almost 30 hrs before we fly out? Had a good walk around gardens before hooking into our included hot breakfast. Then it was time to head to airport …. via Toowoomba apparently 🤦🏻‍♂️ Look at 8 am am sure the cab driver knows traffic better than me but we were certainly heading out to Coro drive from Edward Street maybe to hook up with airport link. Anyhow we got there and is comforting to know Taxis rip you off here as well as USA . $60 ! The Qantas Premium entry at Brisvegas is great and we breezed through security in 2 mins after bag drop. Of course that leaves us 2 hours in Qantas Club but we will cope . Here is one I prepared earlier.

Flight delayed a bit but no big deal when only a 90 minute flight and staying at an airport hotel 😏 We chose Rydges at Sydney International Airport so can just walk across to terminal in morning .

Arrived in the land of daylight saving so lost an hours drinking time already 😡 Seems like a good choice of hotel. Self serve kiosk let us choose room and floor . Quickly went down to Smithy’s Bar for a sherbert before checking out the neighbourhood. Ok there is Smithy’s and a bloody big airport 181 steps away. Actually there is also a roof top bar for some late afternoon shenanigans I am sure . Memo sent

Start our anti-malarial drugs now in case some rogue mossies attack on the Zambezi. Done so now it’s off to the bar to target some women. I have the scuffs for it after all 🧑🏻‍🦯

Fair to say the rooftop bar was cod ordinary with all the ambience of a caravan park. Very small and would struggle with more than 10 people. There were 12

Time to sign off and try to get some sleep tonight before the real fun kicks off tomorrow. Let’s hope our current run of luck holds for our flight and landing in Johburg and we don’t hit a slow moving Elephant on the tarmac

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