CMBM – Day 1

Posted: March 7, 2023 in Uncategorized

And so it begins and only been waiting 3 years so what is another 3 hrs in Business Lounge . Could be dangerous with a 14 hr flight ahead in business class. I’ll drink to that

Rydges last night was fine and quiet. Nice and easy this morning and maybe got here a bit early but made for easy check in and in business lounge in time for breakfast at leisure. It’s a good lounge certainly and could do some damage later in day

Of course all this is leading up to our Safari hopefully kicking off on Thursday . That’s when you can

At this stage flight is “on time” at 0935 but always seems to be a bit late and than make it up in the air 😏 #Seinfeld. And only 2.5 hrs to go

Boarded on time and of course business class is excellent on Dreamliner from the start

One tries to pace one self but pretty soon you are hooking in because you can. The food is excellent as well of course

I did strike up a conversation with a mystery passenger but I have my suspicions I know who it was 😏

The first 3-4 hrs are great but then the reality of 14 hrs kicks in especially after a very poor nights sleep last night . Lovely to see the coastline of South Africa for the first time

Arrived about 20 minutes late and immigration not too bad. Got the shuttle to hotel and room is great and very spacious .

Then it was time for the first drink in SA as we saw a nice bar next to reception

Officially shagged now but thought we would walk next door to Casino complex and food emporium and glad we did. We have two more stays here in next few weeks and will spend more time here am sure. For now a short stroll and some great photos

So, not a lot to say today folks as completely knackered and time for early bed. The real fun starts tomorrow

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