CMBM Day 2

Posted: March 8, 2023 in Uncategorized

The hotel is great but another rough nights sleep will make for a long day again. The body clock is out of whack of course with the little hand on 6 but the big hand stuck on 3 ? Of course, it could be those new French PJs I bought 🤦🏻‍♂️

First impressions of South Africa is they don’t charge like scrub bulls. Two beers last night for $8 AUD was good value. They do like tips though of course. We are checked in for our flight to Victoria Falls at 1120 but as an international flight we have to be there 3 hrs before hand and no Qantas Club folks. However when we get to The River Club salubriousness will abound. It will be 35 degrees however so may have to push aside a hippo and jump in the Zambezi river. Mind you I just may blend in after last two days 🥹 The Doxycycline anti malaria drugs warn to avoid excessive sunlight . Why not just avoid mossies 🤔

Great breakfast at Mondior and again reasonably priced. As we are coming back here after Safari we are storing our large bags at hotel and just taking the baby one because of the light plane regulations . Here is one I prepared earlier.

It was a beautiful morning and have to say felt I was back in Las Vegas

Out to airport in plenty of time and it’s a fair hike to our gate on the lower level. Plenty of shops to browse and Morgan Freeman was there to greet us so that was special

Flight left on time and arrived 10mins early which was just as well as immigration was a nightmare as we knew. Forewarned we flew of plane quickly . It’s crazy you can’t fill in form on plane before you arrive. Of course $30 USD to spend 5 mins in Zimbabwe

Our driver was waiting and took us to border at Victoria Falls to enter Zambia. Took some photos of Victoria Falls but doing a Helicopter Tour tomorrow so won’t bore you with average photos. Eh ? Well ok

In and out a few more times with passport and Street hustlers to avoid had us Zambezi River adjacent for trip to River Club. What a river

As luck would have it we are the only 2 guests for first two days ! I tell ya there are 20 staff hovering , I feel like Eddie Murphy having his bath in Coming to America 😂 Here is one I prepared earlier

Our lodgings were a luxury riverside suite – The Livingstone I presume – with 4 poster bed and deck pool as you do . Stunning

We just made it back in time for afternoon tea and the Sunset cruise with our new best friend Mack. What a beautiful way to end the day

Then it was on the the first of what I am sure will be amazing meals

While it is great to have run of place some company at dinner would be nice and as it turned out some of the senior management dropped by for a chat and maybe the most senior ? owner Pete sat down and joined us for an hour . Then back home for a dip in the pool to cool off before bed. It is hot

This is simply a stunning pace and will fill us with lifetime memories. We always knew this was going to be the most luxurious stay and maybe the least animals seen but was planned that way

#IBF #Amazeballs

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