CMBM Day 3

Posted: March 10, 2023 in Uncategorized

Got a bit more sleep but don’t want to waste too much time snoozing at this wondrous place .😏 Sadly wifi doesn’t work in room so got my torch and iPad and headed off to common room . Next time will change out of PJs as well 😏 What a stunning morning

Spent a lovely hour up there now as the only guest in the place ! I did wake up the security guy but of course he was fine. Some quite loud noises and not sure if my stomach rumbling or Hippos making their presence known. After all the food recently I suspect the latter 😏 Breakfast at 7 am and then a full morning starts at 830 with pick up for trip to helipad

It was a two prong attack on The Falls with helicopter first and then the circuitous walk around the Zambian side for a darn good soaking. Suffice to say the Falls are simply breath taking and very hard to cull the photos. So I didn’t

After a few circuits was time to do our Maverick thing and fly through the gorge . Great fun up the front

Then it was back in bus for short trip around to the Park. Out great driver suggested hiring a pair of crocs and taking a poncho. Right on both calls

After a busy morning and an early start I was so tired I couldn’t scratch myself . Luckily there is always someone around for that 🕺🏻

Time to check out our lodgings for the night . Spooky with a rerun planned

Only joking. Time to try and swim from one pool to the other before lunch . Just made it

The club like to move you around for meals so today our lunch was served by the pool and another great meal and presentation

Time for a relaxing afternoon now before fire pit drinkies around 5 pm and dinner after 7 pm . We may even squeeze in an afternoon tea in between if I can squeeze into any clothes ever again …..

Fire Pit Frivolities was a great idea as a simply stunning sunset unfolded before us. Luckily no real mossie attacks yet . Our new best mate Kosta was in the full gear and as with all the staff here simply sweet and engaging people who light up the room. Normally I carry a fire with me for that reason. Here is one I prepared earlier

I looked at the drinks lined up and luckily started from the right

When I got to to the middle luckily it was dinner time . We sat by the pool this time and had a simply superb beef Mignon . Then it was time to say goodnight to Mr Zambezi . What a magnificent day

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