CMBM – Day 4

Posted: March 11, 2023 in Uncategorized

Starting to sleep a bit better but was awoken by a bellowing elephant I think. It seems they can cross the Zambezi early morning looking for water holes . It was an impressive sight

I got about five feet out and suddenly the great beast appeared before me. I tell you he was ten stories high if he was a foot. As if sensing my presence, he let out a great bellow. I said, “Easy, big fella!” Only when he reached the watering hole I realised I had been looking through binoculars 😏 #costanza

Elephant Sightings. 1
Major Disappointments 1

I recovered quickly and made my way up early to the pool area and wifi so I can enthrall my fans once more. A stunning morning of course

Usual solid breakfast and then a quiet day lay ahead. Our only goal really was to see the 3 Giraffes that do live locally on the attached land and visible via the “nature walk”. They are pesky little buggers who you would think would stand out a bit eh. Not so, so we were to wait for the call that the ranger had spotted them. At 9 am we set off in the heat of the day through the at times thick brush towards the spot they were seen 10 mins ago. An hour later we still didn’t find them even though we outdid Livingstone, Burke and Wills exploring the area. Oh well, our ranger will spot them and shoo them closer to the complex. We then waited 30 minutes before deciding may as well have a swim . By 1145 we decided let’s order a beer. Of course that did it and the ranger has spotted them before the cap came off. Another 30 minutes of our life fritted away before our eyes before in the distance one was spotted. Took a couple of photos in case even though fully expected to be riding one soon. Ah no, got within 60 m and they bolted . Giraffes need Air Tags , just saying. We spent another 15 minutes but that was enough. My beer wouldn’t drink itself Son.

So back for lunch out by the Gazebo this time . One pesky monkey was hanging around but no issue . I got to the banana first.

A quite afternoon ahead then with another swim before some more Firepit frivolities and dinner. Will certainly be sad to leave tomorrow

On cue we headed to the Firepit at 530 where once again the lovely Ophelia would serve us. There is another couple now – bloody tourists eh 😏 – they were on Sunset cruise.

Then it was on to our last dinner which of course was again superb

We leave at 9 am tomorrow in what could be an arduous few hours. An hours drive to border, immigration joy, another hour drive to airport and then a glider or something to Sable Alley in Okavango Delta. Once we get there it will be great of course. Maybe not River Club great but we shan’t suffer. I know you guys worry .

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