CMBM – Day 5

Posted: March 12, 2023 in Uncategorized

Me sad. But it’s a relative term . The River Club has set the bar high. Luxury may drop off but there will be more animals and more real Africa so swings and round abouts . I hope they have swings 🤞

From here on in the ability to “check in “ daily will start to recede and by Kalahari there will be zero for 3 days. There could be a big blog after that ! One last breakfast then and a chance to try the traditional Nshima which is eaten every day by the locals.

Then it was time to bid farewell to our main staff member Ophelia who was simply wonderful for our stay . She also has a young 6 year old named Cathy. It’s the much older Cath in the picture though. Ouch 🤜🏻

The staff formed a guard of honor to send us off. They asked are all Aussies wonderful like you and we had to be honest and say sadly no. Not certain but think a couple did cry as we got in the van. What do you reckon the chances are that fucking Giraffe will be roadside as we head off and blow us a raspberry 😏

It was a pleasant if somewhat boring drive to the border but the drivers were great and immigration very quiet . Another driver then continued our journey. We arrived at Kasane International airport in good time by 10:30. Sadly our glider doesn’t leave until 11:50 . Just hoping we can get a seat in waiting area 🤞

We did . Didn’t realise plane would make 4 stops but luckily we were second and it was a 60 minute trip all up. Our new best friend for next 3 days – Molls – was there to pick us up in Safari car and away we went. Seems we have Molls as our guide all 3 days and just the three of us in a 7 seater 👍🏻

Sable Alley is certainly a bit more rustic and very hot . The communal area is great and often has a breeze but the tents are very hot and only have one fan over bed. We had lunch which was fine but it was 230 pm when we started . Plan it seems is morning wake up at 5 followed by breakfast and a 4 hr Game drive. Then lunch and free time in the blazing sun and the warm room and then back for afternoon drive at 4 pm

We went back at 4 and started our first drive. Not a raging success despite his best efforts . We saw some animals of course but none of the big 5 .

Had a very pleasant Sunset and drinkies session before heading back for dinner.

By now still full from lunch so didn’t do justice to an excellent meal in a beautiful setting .

Then it was back to room. Slept ok under a blazing fan until 4 am. Yes there were animal noises but nothing compared to the ignorant assholes in the tent next door who started yabbering from yes you guessed it 4 am !

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