CMBM – Day 6

Posted: March 13, 2023 in Uncategorized

Molls came and collected us at 530 am for breakfast before our Sunrise Game Drive started. I was Game for an omelette so hooked in. Sadly the coffee options are a bit limited here , probably catering for Yanks 😏 Still you wouldn’t be dead for $USD eh

There are a few more guests around but basically still have run of place. Simply glorious day to set out just as the sun rose . We saw a few of the cod ordinary variety of four legged friends to start with and a few flighty ones

To his credit Molls has been trying to find a leopard that is known to be in area but we have probably spent 2-3 hrs on the hunt. Shouldn’t be hard to SPOT – here all week try the hippo hamburger . We have seen plenty of tracks but starting to think maybe another guide goes out early with an imprint shoe and lays them😏 We have constantly mentioned we want to see Elephants but they seem to hiding with the bloody Zambian Giraffes ! Molls has amazing ears and eyes though and quickly did spot a grey mass . I thought maybe he saw me in rear vision but no it was an elephant . Hopefully we see more this afternoon

We then. Tracked down the Hyena den and were suitably rewarded with plenty of sightings. Laugh laugh laugh

We also mentioned would love to see Zebras up a bit closer and almost within 10 minutes he heard their distinctive sound and Lo and behold a herd appeared before us. Magnificent

We also got a great educational tool . As you know kiddies always look to left before using a Zebra crossing . Watch the experts

We then were happy to head home after we had stopped for morning tea . Molls simply insisted we take his photo and friend him on Facebook .

It was quiet a pleasant day actually and the pool all to ourselves was very inviting and even did a bit of fishing . Then it was time for a quenching ale as you do

Time for lunch then before a few relaxing hours before afternoon Game Drive at 4 pm. There could be sunset photos involved 🕺🏻

Lunch was another treat . We could have had the local specialty of Baboon Skewers but you had to skewer your own baboon and I didn’t trust those Hippos. We went with pizza instead and then ambled back over to the watering hole 🐘

Before you could say “where the fakari “ it would be 330 pm and time for some High Tea and Game Drive number 3 . Sitting by the pool chilling and watching the baboons frolicking .

Then Kasigo comes over and asks where our passports are . In the room safe, why ? Well, the baboons can tear through the screen doors and enter the rooms ! Maybe passports aren’t only concern then pal . What about that box set of Phantom comics I bought at Victoria Falls 😵‍💫

Set off on the Elephant hunt at 4 pm and a pretty dull first hour and then way off in the distance we saw an elephant so decided to drive around the clump of trees and catch him on the other side . Well, hello big fella as we almost ran into to a different one . What a sight rumbling towards us

Before too long we came across a group of elephants with a couple of younguns , the smallest only a few days old

Sated we then started on the Giraffe hunt but no luck . We still have a couple of game drives tomorrow so may crack it but have to say have been a bit disappointed in the lack of the big animals here. I know it’s not the best viewing season but people told us we would see more than we have certainly . Anyhoo it’s still been fantastic .

Back then for another superb dinner and we had the best table near the stage . The stage being where hippos parade back and forth . Another early morning tomorrow so it’s goodnight from him

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