CMBM – Day 7

Posted: March 14, 2023 in Uncategorized

Last full day at Sable Alley and it has been fantastic. Another early start on another glorious day . Went with a light breakfast as trying, but failing, to be smart . It’s overrated anyway

Our last Sunrise Game Drive with the wonderful Molls. It’s a little cool but wanted shorts for later on …. you know 630 am 😏 Grabbed a blankie and stood next to a Hippo to feel better about myself . I love a dead tree .

We slowly made our way to the Mokoro cruise which is like Fairstar without Pokies. We didn’t see a lot of animals on way and today is Giraffe day afterall . We did see some Zebra and never tire of them

Didn’t realise it was a two boat affair but the first guy is the Hippo spotter 😯 Not sure what happens if he sees one but suggest we may be screwed . It was good to try but quite tedious for me after 40 mins . Pole Boy 1 made a beautiful necklace for me but CLP grabbed it

Then the Giraffe hunt started but as you know when looking for an animal like an elephant it takes days . Once you see one they are everywhere

Time to stop for morning cuppa and having seen the elephant reminded me I need to take a Jimmy in the bushes . Needless to say the elephants were embarrassed. Well they were laughing anyway 🤓

Back on the road and came around a corner and voila , two magnificent Giraffes . Don’t believe me, check this out . Some striped bastard was trying to block our view though .

That pretty well concluded a very successful morning so said to Molls that maybe this arvo for our game drive we could just drive out for 5 minutes , find a tree , open the esky and hook in ? He wasn’t Game . We may go looking for lions it seems as some were sighted in Botswana . Whether we can get there and back for a slightly special dinner may be the issue . Either way it will be another great few hours waiting to take more sunset images . 🕺🏻 Remember no internet for 3 days after this so you better enjoy them now .

Another great lunch and a couple of hours by the pool,had us set up for late afternoon shenanigans . Pretty quiet first couple of hours so took some photos of birds .

Eagle Eye Molls noticed an old Hippo jaw on the ground which was rather fascinating to see

Not a lot else happened on what was becoming a disappointing last drive. At least there was sunset piss up to look forward to at our favourite watering hole

Enjoying last drink together with Molls when word came over radio lions had been spotted 15 mins west . Guzzled our drinks as racing Sunset now and headed off. Sadly within shouting distance we came to a crossing that was too deep to cross and too far to drive around in time. Sitting there cursing a golden opportunity word came out that a leopard had been spotted …. Yep you guessed it, back near our watering hole ! Quickly converting to Rally driver we sped off in the dark and luckily another truck was there . As was Ms Leopard just strolling along road without a care in the world . Stunning

Then it was back for our special dinner but wasn’t sure the night staff were in on the caper . They asked for our drink order so had to quietly pull the lead aside and ask about the Champers offered. Ah ok . So we sat down and luckily CLP was distracted by a squirrel chasing a hippo and didn’t realise we still didn’t have a drink. Chef took our orders and then the champers arrived in a bucket and away we went. Then we get to dessert and though did order cheese platter didn’t really want to because cake was expected 😏 Accepting maybe it wasn’t going to happen when I saw most of the staff talking at bar I was fine as full as a goog . Then this happened

Simply amazing and a fitting way to end our stay here . Both camps have been amazing but different in their own way. Expect different again at Kalahari.

Be off the grid now for a few days . If we don’t resurface in Johburg by Sunday assume we were Malled by Meerkats. Oddly enough only the third most common cause of fatality in Kalahari after Salt Poisoning and Lack of Wi Fi 😏

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