CMBM – Day 8

Posted: March 15, 2023 in Uncategorized

Final morning in Sable Alley before catching flight to Camp Kalahari at 10:10 . Lovely relaxing couple of hours

Plane was about 20 minutes late and that was first sign it was going to be a pain. We had one boarding pass from A to B or so you thought. 2 hrs after we left our Airstrip we landed in Maun in the totally opposite direction. This was after 3 stops in between . We then waited 20 minutes for another flight to take us to our airstrip so eventually landed about 1:40 pm after leaving for “our short flight to Tsigaro” at 1030 am . Did like the airport lounge at Jacks Camp airstrip

We met our tour guide Deklerk and he seemed fine. It seems we have one other person with us for a day and then probably him to ourselves. I doubt he will be able to sleep tonight with excitement . He seems fine and easy but is no Molls and CK is no Sable Alley. The communal area seems fine although one big table for eating is a concern when a group of 14 geriatrics just arrived. Maybe 20 guests in total which was going to happen eventually. Very nice lunch , once again there will be no issue with the food , just choices 😏

Our tent is smaller and again no lock at all and just zip up screens . No power points in tent and of course no wifi . The fan is better at least and in general all comfortable enough. As expected the salubriousness level has dipped at each camp but at end of day this one will be judged by activities and staff

We chilled for an hour in our room before heading up for High Tea at 4pm where we met some more guests who were all easy to talk to. High Tea was excellent and then headed off at 5 pm which is more pleasant in a way as not as hot and less time to wait for drinkies ! We quickly found out Deklerk likes the sound of his own voice and sharing his knowledge of some very boring stuff, at least for me 😏 We saw some flamingos first up which look stunning through binoculars but the can’t get close enough for great pictures

Plenty of Wildebeest around here and they are quite amazing looking. it was a slow drive by design to reach our spot at Sunset. We were travelling with one other – Barbara – today and that was easy . It was another beautiful sunset across the vast open plains

Then it was back for a quickest dinner as we’re going back out for a nocturnal drive. Dinner was great but the nocturnal drive was 90 mins of my life ain’t ever getting back . Boring with flashlights. The night sky was rather brilliant though. Time for some sleep as have early start tomorrow

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