CMBM – Day 11 The Safari Ends

Posted: March 18, 2023 in Uncategorized

Another good nights sleep had us ready for our morning cuppa and then a leisurely breakfast at 7 and then pack . All done by 8 am and only 2.5 hrs to fill in 😏

Let’s review the Safari in general before we start thinking about The Land of Frog on Sunday . It was truly a memorable experience full of lifetime memories. While always sad when ends I think 9 days was the right amount and my financial advisor agrees. Similarly 3 nights in each camp seems ideal . Don’t think could have survived another Deklerk monologue this morning at 5 mph. Additionally the mix of camps was perfect

River Club was luxury on a river . Duh . A hippo here a croc there and that’s about it for animals . While a great way to start it wasn’t especially African in nature except for the wonderful staff and the mosquitos.

Sable Alley was first introduction to real Africa. A good tent but hot but had the best communal area . We had the best guide there and really felt like a close relationship . Well, they do work for tips. The food was excellent with plenty of choices . We saw some great animals ticking off elephant, leopard and giraffe on the must sees. Not always smart to tick off an elephant mind you 👍🏻 The pool was excellent

Intro to Camp Kalahari was a bit tainted by the horrible flight experience getting there and the heat in communal area on arrival . The tent , while smaller,was cooler and made good use of a pedestal fan. The bathroom area was excellent but opening and closing zips at night for loo visits was a pain. The food was very good mostly but no choice means a bit of a lottery. Most crowded camp but worked out fine at meal times and good spacing of tents made for more privacy. The lion viewing spectacular , the meerkats a bit of a letdown

The similarities to all camps were the excellent staff . You mixed more with them at Kalahari which was good . Lack of wifi at Kalahari is perfectly understandable but as last leg of safari not that relaxed with no contact with outside world for 3 days before a couple of international flights etc. One thing I do know that even with the hot sun every day and ample free booze I still look the same after 9 days as I did at start .

Ready for our pick up just after 10 am for airstrip and met Ali our driver but Lo and behold a couple of minutes later Deklerk arrived to take us out and fuck me slowly he was still stopping and showing us more boring birds on the way ! Plane left on time and arrived in Maun on time. Immigration pretty easy – Johburg will probably be a pain this arvo – and Lordy Lordy we had 30 mins free wifi . Uploaded a mass of photos and checked emails and then thought would get 30 mins on iPad after we go through security . Ducked across street for a few T-shirts for kidlets and the through security with 90 mins to spare. And no internet 😢

Air tags suggest our luggage left behind is still at hotel so will pick up and aim for a late check out tomorrow as flight doesn’t leave until 7 pm! We will leave some luggage behind again as return to Johburg again in a week for Qantas flight home

Left on time and said goodbye to Kalahari and the thriving metropolis of Maun, the land of tin roofs.

Arrived a little early but then we have to take the bus and immigration was packed so 30 mins to get through. Then we got shuttle to Mondior and checked in. We had a executive suite like last time but was smaller and facing western sun and freeway and no internet in room ! Oh well, unpacked and headed out for a walk and dinner. Very good value Italian hit the spot before we headed back to room .

Again we had trouble using access key. CLP went down to get another one and came back with a big smile . Because of our problems with keys and internet they put us back in same room as last time – the Presidential suite ! Knobber Knobber . Much more relaxing . Will be a long day tomorrow with a 7pm flight . We have a late checkout time of 1 pm at least . And so it’s goodnight once more from Johburg

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