CMBM – Day 9

Posted: March 18, 2023 in Uncategorized

Pretty good nights sleep as a bit cooler . They wake you at 5 am – 4:45 am it appears ! – with tea or coffee in your tent . Cups would be handy. Then down to the usual solid breakfast and mix with a few GU . Headed off at 6 am and it was cool and breezy . Today we search for lions and ear plugs for Deklerk lectures 😏 As at other camps the guides all work in well together and before too long we heard lions had been spotted – doesn’t that make them leopards 🥸 – and duly arrived to be simply enthralled . A mum and two cubs – going to be hard to top this folks

A bit more of a general drive around but as we had said we were keen for Meerkats he took us to a small group out on the plains before the more noted large group we will visit tomorrow. They are hard to organise out here and even though we tried for 20 mins we only got a couple of shots of one on CLP. Of course the other guides was showing off when we turned up

Deklerk seemed keen on a long drive to nowhere in particular but we informed him to at least head towards camp. He wanted to check out where the lions from this morning may have gone and before too long we found them again . Then it was back to camp

As still only 1030 am we checked out the excellent pool and had a quick dip. Rather unpleasant with all the flies though so wasn’t too long until we went back to Communal room to have a cuppa. Should note Deklerk didn’t bring morning tea with him today which was a bit poor methinks

Lunch at 12:30 and then relax until 4:30 pm for High Tea and then having a walk with the Bushmen of the Kalahari at 5pm . The food at high tea is excellent . The 30 minute drive to the bushmen took the usual 45 min with Deklerk more interested in turning and talking to us. The minutia he goes into is impressive to him I am sure. Luckily we eventually arrived and it was a great 90 mins spent with the bushmen. And women. A slow deliberate walk full of highlights and fun . For the bushmen at least 🤓 Amongst many highlights was the old man cleaning the live scorpion in his mouth – which got stuck

I was a bit concerned we may miss our Sundowner drinks but no we were fine and another glorious sunset, this time with beer

A slow drive home again of course had us starting to eat at 8 pm, you know an hour after bedtime. Luckily we could sleep in until 6 am so we joined in with the vibe of a packed table and it was great. Then full as a goog, the staff bought out another birthday cake with song attached

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