CMBM – Day 10

Posted: March 18, 2023 in Uncategorized

A really good nights sleep had our handmaiden waking us at 530 am with our morning cuppa. If she hadn’t called out we may have slept in until 6 am 😯 . Breakfast hamper today so we hit the road at 6 am on another glorious day. We passed the flamingos once again

It was all Meerkats this morning so we headed back to the small colony we saw yesterday. Again hard to get much interaction but hey we have The Big Colony ahead so after a short time we broke out the breakfast. Perfectly passable, not memorable.

Then onto The Holy Grail of Kalahari, The Meerkats home of the famous Meerkats Dynasty doco. It was another good 45 mins but eventually arrived in the area and in total maybe 8 -10 Meerkats in total. Ok, no sweat these clowns love to climb all over you right ? Well not us it seems . A good hour was spent trying and on 2 occasions for CLP and one for me , ONE Meerkat climbed aboard. I smell the old Meerkat Shim Sham was in play here . Still it was fun enough, just was the expected highlight for CLP and fell a bit short of expectations. At least she has 14 birthday cakes to help deal with the letdown

Again a slow drive back with no morning tea offered. Had a swim and a nap – but not at same time – and then back for lunch at 12:30. Food here is certainly fine but is limited in a way. There are no choices , you eat whatever the course is or don’t. Breakfast and dinner in particular are good but lunch rather ordinary at times apart from the always excellent cheese board. Always plenty of wine available of course but only what the selection is that day

Now a long afternoon ahead before high tea at 4:30 pm followed by last sunset drive to nowhere . We do have two extra guests joining us so imagine their despair when they realise we won’t be there tomorrow 😏. At high tea we will find out when our glider leaves tomorrow hopefully on a direct route to Maun and hopefully around 11 am . We have our flight to Johburg leave Maun at 14:30 and of course not able to check in or check any changes 😵‍💫. Maun Airport looked pretty small on last visit and not a place to fill in 3-4 hrs .

Another great High Tea and we met our new travel companions which confirmed how lucky we have been this trip. Nothing wrong with them per se but they do impact especially when the woman thinks she is an influencer and sticks around for your photo opportunities ! Luckily it was a short su set drive to a magic place. It could have been memorable with a fire under a prefect night sky but no Deklerk bored us again for 20 mins with a lesson on Botswana rivers with map included. Only got two rumbos in 😢

What was a very pleasant surprise was this magic place was only 4 mins from camp or 10 mins Deklerk time😏 Another great dinner and another birthday sing along. Great end to our time here and indeed the Safari in general

Our flight tomorrow is 10:45 and just hope we get on it because my maths suggest it is a full plane going back just with guests from here . Then a few hours at the thriving metropolis that is Maun airport before our 2:30 pm flight to Johburg and then go through customs etc again. While it feels like you are flying from state to state ala Australia it is actually country to country. It will be a long day so time for bed with a relaxed wake up time tomorrow of 600 am

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