CMBM – Day 12 The Flight(s) to Frogland

Posted: March 19, 2023 in Uncategorized

Comfortable night in our great room had us as relaxed as can be with the long day ahead because it will be

First up though let’s look out the window and see if Johburg has changed at all in 10 days. Ah nope

There is a lot of unrest in Johburg at present because of the significant power problems. Similarly there seems to be a lot of problems in France at present with industrial unrest. We have a tight schedule as it is with landing at Lyon and about an hour to catch the only train leaving from airport to Avignon for the following 4 hrs . JL meet us at Avignon to drive us back to our digs for the week in Pernes-les-Fontaines. If this comes off without a hitch I will be amazed and we all know what an optimist I usually am 🕺🏻

So, first flight from Johburg to Dubai (EmiratesA 380) is due to leave at 18:50 – a mere 12 hrs away 😵‍💫 Wisely we did book exit row seats . With the wanting $110 USD each for lounge access I see a few hours with GU ahead . Maybe we can check out the books in the bookcase to fill in a few hours . Ah nope

Ok it’s breakfast time then and really is a good included breakfast here with the full buffet which I can’t do justice too still being full but not buffed after last nights meal. Once you work out the Rand business it is all very reasonable here – $53 AUD all up for a big dinner and a drink for two last night. Similarly we had a cheapie room for our last stay next week here so upgraded just now for 1000 Rand to a room twice the size – that’s only 84 AUD folks.

Tried to look at paid lounge access at OR Tambo for the few hours this arvo but hard to get much accurate info at this stage . When travelling to France always nice to drop into Italy briefly even if Hooters is closed at 10 am on Sunday 😢 Can’t blame a fella for trying

A relaxing couple of hours in room until late checkout at 1 pm and then sat in foyer for an hour before catching shuttle to airport . We arrived at check in at 230 pm but had to wait , with about 20 others, until 2:50 pm ie 4 hrs before flight 😏 It is a bit of a nightmare at OR with standard issues with check in and security but falls down badly at last passport control stop. Only 2 operators for about 80 passengers at least and of course always happens here is people keep pushing past saying” will miss my plane” . Well maybe get here earlier next time asshole. Seriously at least 25 people pushed past us in the 30 mins we waited 😡 Any thoughts of paying for lounge access for a few hours were gone. Wasn’t paying $45 USD each for 2 hrs max. We had a very nice Sanger instead at cafe. Good shops at airport so did last minute souvenirs / presents shopping and then sat with the GU and waited…….plane already delayed 25 mins . Will sign off now and see you in Frogland hopefully.

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