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HHH – Day 13

Posted: November 3, 2022 in Uncategorized

For something a bit different today and trying to recharge this holiday going to Atlantic City for the day . Basically is the whole day as 90 min train trip each way once I actually get to 30 th Street St. Not a bad thing really as give the joints a chance to relax in between while gazing at the stunning scenery that am sure New Jersey is 😏 The main attraction for me will be the boardwalk which I guess is like a vegetarian ordering a T Bone and wondering why they felt sick. Still some fresh air can’t hurt .

Not prepared to hobble in dark for 10 mins to walk to a near deserted subway station full of undesirables at 630 am in morning so will Uber to 30th street. Assuming I can open the door downstairs . A lot of communication with owners late yesterday with the least helpful condescending advice being “ twist the key and hold it twisted and THEN turn the knob Dave. It’s easy really “ Sure, except there is no knob except the one I’m talking too 😂 Ah, ok then maybe try holding latch down “

Lovely time of day and another stunning station

Of course if I find walking the Boardwalk too much I may just sleep there and not have to worry about getting back in tonight

Train was very quiet but as usual in a carriage that sits 60 people and currently has 6, the last clown that boards sits right behind me! it was only $9 return trip and when arrived a free shuttle drops you of at various spots like casinos so great value. Stopped off at Caesars for no particular reason but just wanted to get to boardwalk first up,on this simply glorious day

It was only just after 930 am so really nothing open which was fine for now but going to be gagging for a frothy one after a few laps up and down. in the meantime I did enter a contest and of course won.

It has been a very warm, though pleasant , time in Philadelphia which is odd for their fall entering winter. Then the penny dropped . Bloody climate change

It was now 11 am so the Biergarten had cased out would be open. Poor planning though had me 10 mins away. Imagine how good that beer will taste when I get there. Imagine no more, it was delicious so I ordered another one. Not that there is any chance I am fading away but do find on these excursions at times don’t really feel much like eating but need to to soak up the alcohol. That pretzel should do the trick eh and it’s always smiling like me 🎃

Was getting a tad warm by now so time to head inside and tonk my honk until the shuttle bus is ready to pick me up . Now something to wash away that salty pretzel taste first. It was a Modelo and very tasty – think they are sponsors of Phillies who lost last night so the World Series in which only Yanks play 😏 is tied 2-2. Looks like I have avoided pandemonium in the streets on Friday as now head back to Houston

Train trip home uneventful and then another subway with the dregs and a 10 min walk home on this beautiful day . No cloud dared to show its face today

So, I didn’t spend anytime today scanning Qantas for early flights home . Complete inactivity yesterday afternoon and a good nights sleep gives the body a chance to recover and I didn’t have to go to Gimpland today. I am sure I will pay for todays walking overnight and tomorrow but certainly glad made the effort. There wasn’t a lot to see or do maybe but it is a memorable location, a bit like Coney Island. Also, seeing something new does inspire one. With 3 days to go , not sure a lot new to see now but am sure will find something quirky. May just do the tourist stuff like Rocky steps tomorrow when weather still good and then relax on weekend and let Philly flow over me

Or just let my fill flow down me 🕺🏻

HHH – Day 12

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Well the VRBO is certainly different to a hotel. Plenty of space and appliances so did stock the fridge for a few days. It is a creaky old place though and glad on top floor – apart from steps of course. Shower is difficult to work and takes forever to get warm . Of course central heating kicks in all the time . Getting dudded here with the weather – it’s sunny and warm ! It’s 10-15 degrees F warmer than normal 😢 And of course sunrise is not until 730 am , or as I call it morning tea time 😏

So the Philadelphia story at this stage is breakfast and dinner at home and lunch out . So nice to have some simple toast after two weeks . As don’t have Septa card yet have to do 15 min walk first up to metro station. Simply put the stairs are killing me , especially going down. Anyway headed off at 7 am with Miners Helmet on to see my way . It’s uneven footpaths too which doesn’t help. Not being a complainer of course I just soldiered on like a little trooper. Research suggested the weekly pass would be best value for $25 . Tap, load, pay. Sweet. Let’s get through that turnstile . Beep Beep Beep. Low fare. Tried again. Luckily there was a service person there who said can take a minute or two to load, you go on through. Thanks mate. Just about to leave and he says “ Did u say you bought a weekly ticket Sir ? “ Yep “ Ah that’s the problem, it’s Wednesday “ ok, so. Weekly tickets only run Monday to Monday . That’s ok I leave next Monday .” No sir it doesn’t activate until next Monday . Did u not see the dates ?” Well maybe if you put the fucking day first ya clowns it would have made more sense . “ Do you catch a lot of tourists that way ? “ He just smiled . I went back and loaded $25 onto my “wallet” so basically paid $50 for a weekly ticket. Walked back past and shouted “ Go Astros” Ha, that wiped the smile off( Phillies won last night and lead 2-1 . Could wrap it up with two home games next two nights . Hope not in a way)

Headed down to the sporting Mecca around Infinity Live mostly to see the Smoking Joe Frazier statue. It is a glorious if somewhat warm day 😏

Then headed into City Hall area in search of a Cortado. Not quiet Chicago but some stunning buildings and of course Love Park

Saw a place called Le Colombe coffee roasters nearby and seemed a fair chance . Found my Cortado and perfectly fine and a chance to sit and rest for a while

Need to make the most of trips out to avoid climbing stairs too often so detoured via Independence Hall for a gander and then a 10 min walk home. Have to say once again the subways are not a pleasant place really and in fact got abused by a young black guy just walking the street also and this was near Independence Hall. Sorry, it’s a nation in decline

Anyhoo, now I had to get home to do the dreaded washing and check out The Gimp in the basement . Yep fuck me another set of dangerous stairs . And of course have to unload someone else’s laundry first . Will then head down a bit later to switch over to dryer on way out for some lunch . Seriously these are a safety hazard for normal folk 😡

Headed down towards South street which is a lovely area – just in a T Shirt and jeans. Positively balmy . Could be back in Maryhole where I only get abused by white folk 😏

Thought I would drop into Paddy Whack for lunch and a beer but didn’t feel like a Guinness today. The beer actually tasted off and didn’t finish it but had a very tasty burger. Now the slow painful trek home .

As noted this is an old row house but quickly descending from charming to decaying. Yesterday the door was a bit sticky but today simply couldn’t open it . Had to ring owner , a few more phone calls and eventually got the guy who lives on first floor and works from home to let me in after sitting outside for 20 mins . They say they will come and have a look at it soon but doesn’t fill one with confidence for going out for a drink later . Then down the stairs of death to get washing . Seriously if could get majority of money back and a comfortable flight home would consider bailing now. Another few days of these stairs is going to cause a lot of damage methinks . You start out hopeful and keen in the morning but simply worn down by early afternoon

HHH – Day 11

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Time flies when you should be having fun eh. It’s time to check out and of course my last. Cortado. Her tears were embarrassing but hey she is only human.

Saw it was a 50 min drive to OHairy so of course left way too early but would rather sit around aimlessly at airport with bag checked in and security cleared then to sit aimlessly at the hotel thinking about the extras on the bill 😏 Good run out , friendly driver saw no meter ticking over so assumed was on the $35 flat rate fee. Ah no , that will be $65 mate ( we had bonded) or as we call it $75 with tip. Forced myself not to automatically recalculate to AUD but know it’s 3 figures . Fuck me. Breathe Breathe . So smooth curb side drop off – cachinge cachinge – and the “priority” caper helps with security. Tarmac adjacent with a mere 3 hrs to spare . Sweet. Where in my Flagship Lounge and free piss. Hey it’s after 8 am.

Found my close by gate and lounge . Fronted up to Broom Hilda who may have been tired after last night. Handed over FF card and Ruby OW boarding pass. “ No Sir you have to be Emerald or Sapphire OW for access “ But I was in LAX Flagship lounge. I have a cool T shirt . I have a cane FFS. Blank look. “ Must be a bitch waiting another year for your second gig eh “ Limped out . But wasn’t done. I hadn’t drunk anything yet so started thinking, must be missing something. AhHa , Qantas Club membership . So waited in line again and 3 staff on. But made sure I got BH .” Does this make a difference Sweetheart? “ Of course Sir, welcome to Admirals Club . “ Flagship Lounge ? “ In your dreams , no magic black invite card handed over. Oh well.

Admirals Club was fine. No personal omelette chef etc but a bar. “ A glass of Champers please my good Man” That will be $16 . WTF . Quickly google “ free alcohol at Admirals Club” It had been an expensive morning and still in Chicago 😳 With 2 hrs to boarding .

As usual it’s hard finding the exact thing you want in the net so asked Billy Bob at the Bar – there has to be some free stuff here , can you see the T Shirt and Cane mate ? It worked , and turned my frown upside down . Yeah right. Have you clowns learned nothing yet 🥸

Only a 2 hr flight . The owner of VRBO has been excellent but only found out last night that I could have got in much earlier today which would have been great but an earlier flight probably would have screwed up my sleep last night which was surprisingly good and would not have got my edumacation about Admirals Club. A full 5 days/6 nights in Philly so ok if first night a bit of a wash. Just wonder how will navigate 3 flights of narrow, steep stairs 🤔 I ain’t happy if I ain’t got something to worry about eh . Apart from the taxi fare from airport at Philly 😢 And don’t be fooled that Uber is a cheap option kiddies

Good flight and got to gate maybe 15 mins late . Quick bag and quick Taxi find evened it all out and was Pining at 523 by about 330 pm. And Taxi was only $35 Knobber Knobber. Then came the 3 sets of stairs

Ouch. The rental is on 3rd floor and a Row House so rather creaky . Would not like to be on second floor – apart from one less set of stairs natch. It’s great to really spread out after 2 hotel rooms S and actually have a chair to sit and watch TV .

Once quick inspection of kitchen revealed great appliances including a toaster ✅ decided to get some groceries before that first sherbert. The local store was literally only 3 mins away . Bought some meals to heat up etc so really probably only buy lunch out next few days which will be a saving. As long as I don’t catch a taxi to the restaurant . It is a lovely quiet neighbourhood

Now was time for a well earned drink. I may mention at this stage that going down the stairs is actually harder than going up. Checked Google maps and some bars a mere 10 min walk. Hey what do you know – this is Abbots Square where I actually stayed back in 2015. Great area and actually went to same first Pub I did all those years ago – The Twisted Tail.

Had my first beer and there was a guy sitting across from me maybe 4 feet. After 10 mins . Thought why not, little social butterfly me . His name was Bob was a local and after 3 more beers time to head home . Great happy hour ,I may return. Somehow the sun had disappeared when I left the Pub

A pretty useful first foray suggests I may enjoy Philly. Hope it starts to cool down soon as rather mild . Still hope to go to Atlantic City on Thursday so tomorrow will be spent getting lay of land and working out the Septa transport system

When I sober up ….