HHH – Day 12

Posted: November 2, 2022 in Uncategorized

Well the VRBO is certainly different to a hotel. Plenty of space and appliances so did stock the fridge for a few days. It is a creaky old place though and glad on top floor – apart from steps of course. Shower is difficult to work and takes forever to get warm . Of course central heating kicks in all the time . Getting dudded here with the weather – it’s sunny and warm ! It’s 10-15 degrees F warmer than normal 😢 And of course sunrise is not until 730 am , or as I call it morning tea time 😏

So the Philadelphia story at this stage is breakfast and dinner at home and lunch out . So nice to have some simple toast after two weeks . As don’t have Septa card yet have to do 15 min walk first up to metro station. Simply put the stairs are killing me , especially going down. Anyway headed off at 7 am with Miners Helmet on to see my way . It’s uneven footpaths too which doesn’t help. Not being a complainer of course I just soldiered on like a little trooper. Research suggested the weekly pass would be best value for $25 . Tap, load, pay. Sweet. Let’s get through that turnstile . Beep Beep Beep. Low fare. Tried again. Luckily there was a service person there who said can take a minute or two to load, you go on through. Thanks mate. Just about to leave and he says “ Did u say you bought a weekly ticket Sir ? “ Yep “ Ah that’s the problem, it’s Wednesday “ ok, so. Weekly tickets only run Monday to Monday . That’s ok I leave next Monday .” No sir it doesn’t activate until next Monday . Did u not see the dates ?” Well maybe if you put the fucking day first ya clowns it would have made more sense . “ Do you catch a lot of tourists that way ? “ He just smiled . I went back and loaded $25 onto my “wallet” so basically paid $50 for a weekly ticket. Walked back past and shouted “ Go Astros” Ha, that wiped the smile off( Phillies won last night and lead 2-1 . Could wrap it up with two home games next two nights . Hope not in a way)

Headed down to the sporting Mecca around Infinity Live mostly to see the Smoking Joe Frazier statue. It is a glorious if somewhat warm day 😏

Then headed into City Hall area in search of a Cortado. Not quiet Chicago but some stunning buildings and of course Love Park

Saw a place called Le Colombe coffee roasters nearby and seemed a fair chance . Found my Cortado and perfectly fine and a chance to sit and rest for a while

Need to make the most of trips out to avoid climbing stairs too often so detoured via Independence Hall for a gander and then a 10 min walk home. Have to say once again the subways are not a pleasant place really and in fact got abused by a young black guy just walking the street also and this was near Independence Hall. Sorry, it’s a nation in decline

Anyhoo, now I had to get home to do the dreaded washing and check out The Gimp in the basement . Yep fuck me another set of dangerous stairs . And of course have to unload someone else’s laundry first . Will then head down a bit later to switch over to dryer on way out for some lunch . Seriously these are a safety hazard for normal folk 😡

Headed down towards South street which is a lovely area – just in a T Shirt and jeans. Positively balmy . Could be back in Maryhole where I only get abused by white folk 😏

Thought I would drop into Paddy Whack for lunch and a beer but didn’t feel like a Guinness today. The beer actually tasted off and didn’t finish it but had a very tasty burger. Now the slow painful trek home .

As noted this is an old row house but quickly descending from charming to decaying. Yesterday the door was a bit sticky but today simply couldn’t open it . Had to ring owner , a few more phone calls and eventually got the guy who lives on first floor and works from home to let me in after sitting outside for 20 mins . They say they will come and have a look at it soon but doesn’t fill one with confidence for going out for a drink later . Then down the stairs of death to get washing . Seriously if could get majority of money back and a comfortable flight home would consider bailing now. Another few days of these stairs is going to cause a lot of damage methinks . You start out hopeful and keen in the morning but simply worn down by early afternoon

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