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Parkys Wish List

Posted: July 15, 2014 in TV

After the Knighted One Parky opened up Thorpedo like a can of week old sardines the search was on for equally fascinating interview subjects who were prepared to divulge very well known information disguised as a shock revelation if the ca-ching counter was pleased. I was fortunate enough to get a leaked copy of the interview synopsis which also included the “big reveal” and it only cost me my dignity. Talk about reselling used items!

1. Clive Palmer. Relates his moderately successful brush with the Michelle Bridges 2034 week plan but then reveals “I HAVE GRAVY ON MY CHIPS”

2. Darius Boyd . Fascinating insight into his meticulous planning prior to media interviews before finally admitting “I AM DUMB AND SHOULD PLAY IN THE FORWARDS”

3. Tony Abbott. Trumpeted his promotion of sheilas (his term not mine) in his cabinet before declaring “I HATE WOMEN”

4. Eddie McQuire. Outlines his Top 10 things he loves about Sydney and then blows it by finally admitting “I HATE SYDNEY”

5. Kochie. Admits to an underlying admiration for the work of the Today Show before snarling “I HATE KARL” (who doesnt eh Kochie?)

6. Kim Kardashian. Had nothing to say luckily but did reveal “A BIG ASS ” when she went running out in a huff.

7. Campbell Newman. Apologised for closing down Maryborough Pathology before luckily wifey stepped in to declare “HE CANT DO IT ANYMORE ”

8. Alan Jones. Did not let Parky get a word in for 2 hrs and then Thorpey came and picked him up for lunch “THEY HAD THE SAUSAGES” a loose lipped waiter later divulged

9. Greg Norman. Details the seventeen majors he lost through sheer bad luck before begrudgingly stating “I CHOKED IN 96”

10. Greg Bird. Bought along his brain scans to dismiss those nasty rumors but in an ironic twist turns out they were under developed too so he finally admitted “WISH I WAS A QUEENSLANDER”


Carbon Tax repeal passed after Clive Palmer removes impasse

In totally unrelated news it was revealed that Palmer had drafted and Abbott ensured passage of legislation ensuring Greg Bird must remain a Blue for rest of playing career

Who shot JR? Or more to the point who didnt want to shoot JR but it is a classic example of the season finale cliffhanger and the next day water cooler moment. Of course this was the good old days when we all watched the episode at the same time and there were no downloads or internet spoilers. And we spoke to each other at Water Coolers. Season finales can fall into many categories

1. The well planned Series finale where all the loose ends are tied up like Six Feet Under or maybe the story ends but the wondering doesnt ala Sopranos. All the planning and notice in the world does not guarantee satisfaction of course as ably demonstrated by Dexter

2. The unexpected season finale that becomes the series finale ala the tragic Terriers. No satisfaction at all of course just a felling of loss and emptiness. Sometimes the writers cobble together a finish of kinds, but never the one they really wanted. Hostages was an example of a show left totally up in the air – not that it was a great show of course 🙂

3. The Mid-Final Season finale. Thanks Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Also known as the “Show Me the Money” option. Oddly shows us that in fact The Best Things in Life are Not Free but rather drawn out

4. The Pentulimate Season finale. Where we set up for the final season hopefully. Usually the end of a well planned story arc ala Sons of Anarchy

5. The current season finale which is often a cliff hanger to bring you back next year. Like number 4 works best when there is a clear story arc ala Hannibal rather than the year to year run of a show like Mentalist where no firm conclusion is necessarily known

6. The Book series. A slightly different situation altogether ala Games of Thrones which while it may well deviate from the book at times some big moments from the books are going to happen if all the characters are at a bloody wedding for example! Cant be helped. Why I dont read books

Dedicated followers would know that being an AAL sufferer (Advancing Alzheimers Likely) I like to take advantage where possible of saving up seasons to watch in one hit. This does not occur with a show like GOT where a) I need my weekly fix b) likely ruined by internet spoilers. So lets run the slide rule over some latest offerings

Anyone still reading and not singing Im a Lumberjack – this is where spoilers may kick in

Good Wife – solid recovery from a mid season death induced slump but not earth shattering. 7

Mentalist – a largely silly season but at least they actually resolved something at seasons end when it looked like the usual nonsense 7

Hannibal – gutsy ploy to preview the final showdown early in the season but it is a classy show with a clear plan – whether it happens or not. Lots of balls in the air and a few in a soup somewhere no doubt 8

Bates Motel – Surprisingly enjoyable show given its soapy plot but we all know the story so some backfill is interesting and the leads are great. Nothing too startling and no knives or showers seen 7

Person of Interest – silly show personified but somewhere in there is an actual interesting yarn and they progressed the story well this season 7

Mad Men – another must watch each week show even though the pace is measured. Simply great drama and while no cliff hangers (apart from Charles Manson knocking on Megans door) it has set up the final season perfectly as it has always been Dons journey 8

Americans – uniformly excellent show and the end of season 2 was a natural evolution of the story especially given the central theme of the season 8

SOA – yes its an old one but is the classic example of a well thought out arc (whether you like it or not) and a penultimate season finale with a shocking turn of events that will have significant impact on multiple characters 8

Still have to watch Vikings and Da Vinci Demons. Californication is ending. Lets hope they nail Fargo. When you have a brilliant show like Fargo then the pressure is really on to nail the landing or a lot of the good will built up seeps away with time

Tuesday Tune In

Posted: May 6, 2014 in TV

Ok , I cant afford to take a Monday off anymore. Sunday night (US time) is chock full of quality shows to watch on Monday but now they are starting to load up Monday Night as well with return of Louie et al. So lets run the slide rule over the current crop and see if we can drop any off. And lets not forget our UK friends either



GOT and MM are the lead players and are always reliable performers and similar in a way with the slow build up as season progresses – although GOT is known to throw in the odd early zinger. I struggle to follow some of the personal interrelationships on GOT but there are plenty of aids on the net these days to help us old farts keep up. Have to say though that the Daenyrus story line is clearly my favourite. GOT 8/10. MM started off slow but ep 4 may have finally seen Don bottom out and start the climb back up. He is not exactly a likeable character but have enjoyed his attitude since return to Sterling et al. 8.

Then we get our second stringers. Have always enjoyed Good Wife but it has struggled since death of Will and even Marty McFly is struggling to boost it . Solid 7 with a return to form likely. Mentalist really is a mixed bag . Post RJ started off pretty good but then they just have some stupid episode occasionally that plays out like Hart to Hart. The current 2 parter has been good though. 5/10 Like Mentalist, Elementary is very uneven but when it nails it is very good 7/10. Throw in Blacklist (5) and Person of Interest (5) for late week viewing – because I started when not much on I have to finish the story!

I am saving up Hannibal, Vikings , Americans and Bates Motel for full season watches

Short can be good. Californication 7 is a guilty pleasure but has actually been much better this season. The son is annoying in a Jonah Hill kinda way but having a Soprano on board cant hurt. 6/10. Nurse Jacki can be very good at times even if on occasion ya just want to slap her in the head – that is addiction though. Uneven so far so lest stick with a solid 6. Silicon Valley has been a pleasant surprise and very likable but only for 30 mins a week – then the nerds get a bit much 7/10. Veep started off slow for me but has started to hit its straps and last weeks episode with Meat Meyer was excellent 8/10. Inside Amy Schumer has at least one great skit per episode but some other stuff like the stand up less so 7/10

Then we have the comedy talk shows. Daily Show is still my fave simply because of the mix and excellent “correspondents”. Colbert is most talented and Bill Maher most out spoken. John Oliver is a bit much for 30 mins for moi

New shows for Monday now include Louie and 24. Louie is an acquired taste but when you have it ya cant shake it. There are just some scenes or lines from a show that stay with you even if some dull stuff around it 9/10. 24 has not changed. No one expected it too. Good location, topical story. 7/10

And just for something different gave the US version of Shameless a go and it is that rare bird – better than the original UK version!

Non US

Happy Valley currently my fave (8/10) but there are so many short miniseries to choose from. In the Flesh Season 2 just started – my preferred zombie story by a long way . Prey looks the goods too . For all of your UK drama check out this site
Penny Dreadful could be very good.

And every new 30 for 30 doco is a must watch , including Soccer series. Simply superb story telling

Its a full day let me tell ya. I have even missed my nana nap on occasion

EDIT EDIT EDIT Somehow I forgot Fargo – easily the best new show in TV land at present. 9.5/10

Monday Moan – Ya know you missed it

Posted: April 28, 2014 in TV

Two events over the last 24 hrs , though seemingly unrelated, simply confirmed a few concerns for moi about the quality of Austalian media and TV in particular. And its a nadir from which we cannot climb out of. Apparently

The Lionheart Leaping Leapai got a regular toweling. Now , anyone who knows anything about boxing knew this was the likely outcome. But you couldnt help get caught up in the magical fairy tale and just the glimmer of hope that he may just land that one haymaker. Now by all appearances he is a genuine nice guy who probably knew the realities. He has some talent no doubt but boxing is a cruel mistress. The gap between good and great is longer than the gap between their respective heights and reaches. The weigh in photo took me straight back to Hulk Hogan and Sly in Rocky 3. At least then it was played for laughs. But the real problem was the way the Aussie media built him up with daily reports from Camp Leapai. Just down the road from Camp Crystal Lake sadly. It was in Kraut land and one suspects the Lionheart maybe had one too many big sausages judging from his less than svelte figure. Even Klitscho , who never smiles, was radiant. Of course we had the US show pony showing up at times to add to the theatre – and also show the physique of someone in good shape admittedly. So now of course the media laud his brave effort and even the champ adds his praise. Very easy to praise someone who is not a threat. The media only tears down the successful tall poppies. Of course when ever there is a heavyweight fight the juices stir slowly as one remembers back to the halcyon days of Ali and Frazier.

Speaking of fond memories, what the fuck happened at The Logies last night? Ok to be fair I did not even know they were on and of course have zero interest. The last good Logies – note massive segue here slow uns – was when Ali and Moonface were doing their skit. We had a genuine King and we had the supreme host. And there was even an occasional good show in there. Gold Logie winners were actual media personalities who could turn their hand to most things and work ad lib with the best of them. They were lauded as true legends in the industry. Ok so it has been on the slide for years now but when some hack yobbo carpenter can win the gold statue well that will do me. Has there ever been a more searing indictment of the state of Australian FTA TV? People moan and whinge about GOT spoilers but really I am going to have to go on a media blackout this time every year to avoid being physically ill.

Segue 2 . ———- > Speaking of GOT, Monday is not all bad of course. Being ahead of the world in everything except TV shows (ok US gives us a good run) it means that Monday PM is Sunday PM in USA and we have GOT,MM, Good Wife, Veep, Silicon Valley(nice little sleeper) etc to watch at our leisure. But where is the moan in that? Well I cant watch in my leisure you see because if I dont watch GOT immediately some asshole will spoil it for me when online later during wine o’clock! And let me tell ya nothing spoils a frisky little 2012 Sav Blanc like finding out that MILF Cersei was sat on by a dragon and is now the same size as Dinklage.



Media Watching

Posted: March 20, 2014 in TV

There is some scary shit out there. Not talking about the news per se but rather the reporting of it.

Devoted followers would know I stopped watching nightly news when they switched to the puffed up hour long bulletin of fluff. I stopped watching morning “news” shows years ago when clowns like Kochie and “thank you Karl” became celebrities for some unknown reason. Luckily this meant I missed all of the Corby nonsense and it would appear now I have missed some insensitive reporting of the Malaysian Airlines saga. In USA the feeding frenzy for theories is startling with the low point surely being the overlaying of Flight 370 over an old poster for TV show Lost. !I use to be one of those that complained but kept watching. But no more. Switch it off people. The sad fact is that if there is one thing that the slew , and amazing ratings, of reality shows has told us is that the general IQ of the great unwashed is closer to Alex Doolans test average than The Don’s.

I try to leave politics out of most discussions. I am a swinging voter generally with a strong history of Labor support but we are talking back in the Hawke/Keating era. I would never vote for Abbott of course as he is a dangerous buffoon but that should not let an under performing Labor party, for many years, get away with it. I grew up in Joh’s Queensland and while the gerrymander was a significant fact it tended to overshadow an inept opposition. So what has this got to do with media? I now watch a lot of Daily Show et al which has a strong anti-conservative bent but when you listen to the Republicans at times you can understand why. Scary shit indeed. But dealt with humour. See I can take blatant bias if it is with humour. Fox news in USA is so biased though but straight faced too! They actually believe the crap they say – as do many Yanks. In Aussie land the ABC is often accused of bias but they are amateurs compared to Fox – and also to many Aussie commentators. Have you ever listened to The Parrot on his perch – or his love child Bolts Hadlee? Pathetic biased reporting which luckily can be switched of. Mad as Hell is an Aussie version of Daily Show which is not quite as good of course as it doesnt have the raw material to work with that Stewart has. But we do have Media Watch – from that commie ABC organisation. The recent story about an edited “letter to the editor” by The Australian was simply appalling. And the insertion of an ACA camera crew and moronic reporter into a Qld Police operation is mind boggling at best and deliberating misleading at worst.

I liked my News with that druggie Mike Higgins reading it and a bimbo at the end leaning over a weather map with a big pointer. When these days the weather presenter appears as the brains of the outfit then you see the problem. I have watched crap TV in my day – Number 96 Hello?? To be fair back then we didnt have many options. That is my story and I am sticking to it. Sadly it is not just the news. Back then we had Rod Gallegos and Grandstand on a Sunday afternoon. Now we have that goose Vautin or clown Johns running a footy talk show with about 3 mins of actual football in it. The BACK PAGE use to have actual sports commentators on – plus Billy B for humour. Now they have some ex player who thinks he is a laff riot. Luckily there are still shows like NRL 360 to watch to get some actual sports news.

So to get actual news these days – of the unfiltered variety – you need to go online and try and find a non Murdoch publication. The Aussie Guardian seems about the best at present.

This puts me in the perfect position in the morning to do all the important things in life. Sit down to the puter. Get my news, have a coffee, play Throne Rush……..

Well something had to replace Number 96 right?

Tuesday TV Talk

Posted: February 18, 2014 in TV, Uncategorized

True Blood started off with a brilliant opening montage. The show was good at the start as well before it went gaga. Moving along the alphabet as one does from B we get to True C (the Campbell Newman story) but luckily we move on quickly to TD or in this case True Detective. An even better opening montage with the stunningly haunting music.

Its only 5 episodes in but already a standout especially after the game changing episode 5. MM has certainly lifted his acting game of late and deserves all the accolades but I do fear he may have taken some “Too Cool for School” acting seminars with the Goose Gosling. Only time will tell. For the time being sit back and enjoy an intelligent and gripping yarn.

Freaky Frank Underwood and Ice Cool Clare are back to entertain with second season of House of Cards – yank style. Same old shenanigans at present – 8 episodes in – but if this is your cup of tea as it is mine you wont be disappointed. Think West Wing without any likable characters. Speaking of CJ, Masters of Sex was an impressive first season once you past all the T&A. I have now seen all of Claudia Jean and not sure if can rewatch WW now ever again but she is very good in this as are the whole cast. I was a bit slow to the party but once got into it around ep 4 finished quickly. Luckily I was not part of the study!

Always on the lookout for the next bit of foreign TV to throw on after the excellent 3 seasons of Borgen and The Bridge Season 2 . Les Revenants was also impressive and keenly await the return of Braquo. The irish brogue can be hard to follow sometimes but not really enough to classify as foreign but if you like your drama on the gritty side check out Love/Hate. Next cab of rank is Salamander

Justified is solid as always but not quite back up to Season 3 standard. Hard to comment on a fave of mine The Good Wife given the way scheduling is screwed around. One episode – ok lets have a month off, no one will turn off. I wont, but plenty will. Same with The Mentalist – you get the folk back onside after ridiculous Red John nonsense and then disappear again for a month!

The US version of Rake was not too bad but quickly blown out of the water by return of the original Aussie production. The Moodys are back for some lightweight Aussie comedy but the comedic highlight each day at present of course is The Ice Stream with Roy and HG

And now to the epic fails.

Expecting The Following to suddenly appear believable in a second season is like expecting the next Arnie/Sly movie to be realistic. I am a sucker for these sort of shows and the first episode showed some promise but oh man has it got ridiculous. It simply intrigues me now – why is Bacon in it and how did it not get cancelled after first season?? Oh thats right we are on our 12th season of The Block! The big disappointment for me this season though is Girls. Not a rabid fan but first and second season were good . Third is not. And Lena Dunham gets a lot of plaudits for writing (ok) and having no body image issues. Good for her, important issue no doubt. But she goes too far. Here is a tip sweetheart – its ok to not look so good in a bikini but still wear it all episode. It looks kinda try hard though when no one else on the show is! You dont walk into town in a bikini.

So plenty of good shows to watch and fill in the gaps with sport and some Daily Show et al and the day pretty well takes care of itself.

Now I just have to work out at what time of day does one really need to change out of the PJs?

Dinner for Eight

Posted: February 5, 2014 in TV

You didnt have to like Kerry Packer to like Kerry Packer. He was gruff and aloof – as if these are bad things! – but he didnt suffer fools and that included tax commissioners and Journalists. Like Paul K you didnt have to agree with everything they said but damn it was enjoyable listening to them say it. One memorable act of course was to ring up during the show and cancel Doug Mulrays Naughty Home Videos. Yes he was no doubt a bit prudish but he also recognised crap TV when he saw it. Which makes me wonder how he would feel about the current state of TV on his beloved Channel 9?

There is so much rubbish on at present that to single one out would be unfair but lets concentrate on two aspects which are linked anyway. The shameless promotion of their shows is one thing and really not sure having Slats outline the brilliance of The Block during the Cricket would win too many more fans. Lets face it if you watch that then you are not particularly choosy to start with. But the promotion of a story that will be aired separately in it own timeslot is simply pathetic. It was subtle to start with – “catch more about Lara Bingle’s inability to smile on Tonights 60 Minutes” but the recent nonsense with Shapeless Corby is simply deplorable. Having a Telemovie in the can ready to go is not justification to make her “possible release in the fullness of time” the lead story ya clowns! Not when you should have a reporter out 24/7 combing the streets looking for Thorpie! (Anyone else notice how nice his long time friend was?). Now yes those amongst you that think you are clever, but as yet unconfirmed by anything you actually say, would suggest well switch it off, change channels yada yada yada. But that is not the point. As we old age pensioners know routine is critical to existence like remembering to breathe in after you have breathed out. The 6 pm nightly news has been a fixture in my life for 50 years. Is it too much to ask that with 24 hrs in the day we can get some actual news and sport in 20 mins of it. Yes, correct you can shove your useless weather report up your ass. Its not as if we dont have enough fluff news already decorated as Today shows and the like. It is a sad state of affairs when pathetic TV continues to be produced because it rates well which simply is a reflection on the general intelligence level of the great unwashed. But then we see that every Election dont we.

Now some may think this is a Monday Moan cleverly disguised. And when I care what you think I will get back to you. But really there is logic behind the title. Use to be this game on TV before the news back in 1977. Pick you favorite dinner table of 8 if u could have anyone dead or alive. So here goes – see if u can follow the seque

Kerry Packer – just keep the food away from his reach
Paul Keating – of course, to control the rabble
Tina Fey – on my lap naturally
Chapelli – locker room yarns
Louis CK – for shits and giggles
Clunk Eastwood – to make me look younger
Elizabeth Banks – keep Tina on her game

Not only am I best looking and smartest in that group but also the poorest.

Now there is an obvious omission but that is because I would keep him all to myself in a totally heterosexual way – Muhammad Ali.

Back when he could actually speak of course

Guilty Pleasure

Posted: June 19, 2013 in TV
  • No, not chocolate. Anything that tastes that good should never be associated with guilt. Its winter time folks and its a proven fact we all need some extra kilos for survival of the species. You cant fight Science. I am referring to that one TV show you watch every week that you may not admit to in public. Luckily this is a totally private blog.

    There have been many in the past. Hell, I use to watch Number 96 although to be fair I didnt control the remote in those days. Come to think of it I suspect we had to get up and change the channels manually! Use to get up at 4 in the morning and lick the road clean………. Anyway at least all that exercise allowed us to eat more chocolate. I even got sucked into Eastenders for a few months over 10 years ago while recording for a friend. My story and I am sticking to it. Luckily went Cold Turkey and survived. Amazingly watched 5 minutes last week and bloody Ian is still there!! But the 2013 entry is

    Offspring Now this is not a soap like Eastenders but it aint exactly Breaking Bad. Have always liked Asher Keddie although more often than not on this she borders on annoying. Kat Stewart provides most of the laughs but for me its just great to see people like Waters and McDonald pretty well doing anything these days. And I cannot get the opening title song out of my head. I watch so much heavy drama that some fluff like this just fills the bill once a week. These shows have a finite life as well demonstrated by Packed to Rafters which is Dead Man Walking at present. Have not watched since Uncle Harry starting going loopy. Apparently he still is on that journey 12 episodes later. Just end it now ok. The secret to the appeal of these shows is usually the secondary cast which are invariably “quirky” and Offspring is well served here. Its a feel good show with no unique elements but rather a good mix of the proven winners. Only time will tell if it continues to amuse or should be packed up and shoved up in the rafters with the rest of the past expiry date rubbish that populates our screen most nights.


  • UK is OK

    Posted: June 11, 2013 in TV

    So Games of Thrones has finished for another year. Some people thought it ended last week. It was a very good season. Along with Mad Men it is top shelf “drama”. In a few weeks we will have the last leg of the Quality Trifecta – Breaking Bad. Its very thoughtful of the companies to spread out the top shows. Methinks it may be rating related. Like remora on a shark there are usually a few second (and lower) tier shows circling at same time. Shows like Mentalist, True Blood and SOA. Note – I will only watch TB as long as they dont kill Pam off (I guess that would be kill her again?) When she leaves so do I. Then we have the new shows that are usually hit and miss – Elementary, Hannibal, Da Vinci yada yada yada. The one exception that shines bright is Orphan Black which I assumed was a UK show but is not. It was very good though folks. Which brings me to the point. Finally.

    If you are in a state of despair to the lack of quality drama around redirect your interest to the UK. Now I have a weakness for UK shows – devoted followers know this. Reading on the Whirlpool forums ( an excellent site for info but also populated with your usual share of opinionated clowns) a few months ago discovered the following site

    Gold baby. The UK dramas tend be short and rarely sweet. 3 episode yarns are common place and good value. Most season are only 6 episodes. Now you may get the one off “mini-series” format like Ice Cream Girls or the returning series like Case Histories. Regardless they are all good, some bordering on great. Currently working my way through Blackout – 3 episodes and looking superb. Before that we had Line of Duty, Life of Crime, Endeavour, Bletchely Circle, The Shadow Line. Several more lined up to watch like Restless, Shetland, Murder on the Home Front. And if you want a great recurring “cop show” then look no further than Scott and Bailey

    Now there will always be those of you who would rather watch repeats of True Blood then try something new and that is your choice. But if you want to broaden your horizons start looking overseas. Of course with all this TV lined up it may not be my horizons that get broadened……….

    The Big Tease

    Posted: May 3, 2013 in TV

    Dexter has its problems as a continuing saga given he should have been boxed, wrapped and buried half way through Season 1. However, one thing it does do well is have a new villain each season with plenty of air time. Now avid followers will know of my annoyance with the Red John character in The Mentalist and his infrequent appearance given he is clearly central to the whole Jane character. Imagine my dismay then when 2 other shows went down the old “intermittent but by far the most interesting nemesis” path this week . First up we had Pelant reappear on Bones. It is a good character that simply goes missing for weeks on end only to reappear at season’s end to hook us in again. Then lo and behold on Elementary, Moriarty reappears after first surfacing a few episodes ago and subsequently disappearing again. Now we all know he is the key nemesis in any Sherlock Holmes retelling but you just sense we will have an M+ episode followed by several M- episodes because heaven forbid we bother with story continuity. Its rare that I find myself saying Person of Interest does something very well but in this case they have with the Elias character – easily the most interesting character on the show who is always impacting in the background whether in or out of prison. Its rare to have an episode where he does not at least get some reference. And that is a relevant reference too unlike on The Mentalist where Jane may be asked “Who was that guy that killed your family and draws a Smiley Face?” “Oh thats right, Red John. So when can we chase him down again?” . After we investigate the fascinating case of sexual harassment in the army or maybe after Rigsby nails Van Pelt again? Wait a minute, that just happened. Woo Hoo. And we have the 5th season finale this Sunday night titled “Red John’s Rules”. Could it possibly be that Punxsutawney Phil is going to appear at last? No, of course not but he will be mentioned. We may even be favored with a Don Draperesque back view shot from a distance. The only thing we can be certain of though is he wont be caught.

    Oh, and a sixth season of course.