Finally the Finale. (Possible Spoilers)

Posted: June 2, 2014 in TV

Who shot JR? Or more to the point who didnt want to shoot JR but it is a classic example of the season finale cliffhanger and the next day water cooler moment. Of course this was the good old days when we all watched the episode at the same time and there were no downloads or internet spoilers. And we spoke to each other at Water Coolers. Season finales can fall into many categories

1. The well planned Series finale where all the loose ends are tied up like Six Feet Under or maybe the story ends but the wondering doesnt ala Sopranos. All the planning and notice in the world does not guarantee satisfaction of course as ably demonstrated by Dexter

2. The unexpected season finale that becomes the series finale ala the tragic Terriers. No satisfaction at all of course just a felling of loss and emptiness. Sometimes the writers cobble together a finish of kinds, but never the one they really wanted. Hostages was an example of a show left totally up in the air – not that it was a great show of course 🙂

3. The Mid-Final Season finale. Thanks Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Also known as the “Show Me the Money” option. Oddly shows us that in fact The Best Things in Life are Not Free but rather drawn out

4. The Pentulimate Season finale. Where we set up for the final season hopefully. Usually the end of a well planned story arc ala Sons of Anarchy

5. The current season finale which is often a cliff hanger to bring you back next year. Like number 4 works best when there is a clear story arc ala Hannibal rather than the year to year run of a show like Mentalist where no firm conclusion is necessarily known

6. The Book series. A slightly different situation altogether ala Games of Thrones which while it may well deviate from the book at times some big moments from the books are going to happen if all the characters are at a bloody wedding for example! Cant be helped. Why I dont read books

Dedicated followers would know that being an AAL sufferer (Advancing Alzheimers Likely) I like to take advantage where possible of saving up seasons to watch in one hit. This does not occur with a show like GOT where a) I need my weekly fix b) likely ruined by internet spoilers. So lets run the slide rule over some latest offerings

Anyone still reading and not singing Im a Lumberjack – this is where spoilers may kick in

Good Wife – solid recovery from a mid season death induced slump but not earth shattering. 7

Mentalist – a largely silly season but at least they actually resolved something at seasons end when it looked like the usual nonsense 7

Hannibal – gutsy ploy to preview the final showdown early in the season but it is a classy show with a clear plan – whether it happens or not. Lots of balls in the air and a few in a soup somewhere no doubt 8

Bates Motel – Surprisingly enjoyable show given its soapy plot but we all know the story so some backfill is interesting and the leads are great. Nothing too startling and no knives or showers seen 7

Person of Interest – silly show personified but somewhere in there is an actual interesting yarn and they progressed the story well this season 7

Mad Men – another must watch each week show even though the pace is measured. Simply great drama and while no cliff hangers (apart from Charles Manson knocking on Megans door) it has set up the final season perfectly as it has always been Dons journey 8

Americans – uniformly excellent show and the end of season 2 was a natural evolution of the story especially given the central theme of the season 8

SOA – yes its an old one but is the classic example of a well thought out arc (whether you like it or not) and a penultimate season finale with a shocking turn of events that will have significant impact on multiple characters 8

Still have to watch Vikings and Da Vinci Demons. Californication is ending. Lets hope they nail Fargo. When you have a brilliant show like Fargo then the pressure is really on to nail the landing or a lot of the good will built up seeps away with time

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