SOO 2 Wrap

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

NSW won the first game. Qld lost the second. Simple as that. The teams were always closer than an 8 yr run indicates but in the past Qld always got the job done when needed. Often the bounce of the ball went our way. More often though it was clinical execution under pressure. This has been lacking in both matches with no clear reason as all the guns were on the field. Blues defense certainly played a part in first game. So before what may appear like whining let me say that NSW deserved to win the series but more so Qld did not. Lets hope they take the win with the same grace they took all the losses which were in the bee’s dick category often. Mind you it was never the players that were the problem, it is the pro NSW “ARL” media.

It was a poor game if not necessarily dull. SOO can never be dull but this came close. It was full of niggle and slowing down tactics. There were especially a lot of late tackles on kickers – not all NSW of course but certainly the majority. NSW has a couple of clear grubs in their team – Bird and Reynolds are clearly at the front but Farrah not too far behind. Myles is our pin up boy in that regard. Gallen is simply a whinger and a whiner to referees and largely overrated although you cant deny his ticker. Woods is a prize clown. Hodgkinson looks the goods and slotted a good kick under pressure. Hayne was kept out of it mostly by the style of play but still pulled off the most significant event of the night – knocking the ball out of Thaiday’s hands when he was going to score. If he had it was all over red rover. They missed the Morris boys and changed their game plan accordingly

The gamble on DCE came off in one regard – he lasted the game. However he still appeared out of his depth. He made a poor read in defense when NSW scored and shortly after threw a shocking pass that coughed up ball in poor position. To be fair the right side defense on the line was screwed up a bit by loss of Tate. The loss of Tate was critical. McQueen is not a winger. Tate may not have scored the try but he probably would have at least caught the ball! Smith had a dominant first half but then largely went missing in second when calm heads needed. Thurston has lacked impact all series and then showed his ugly side at the end. Mind you rather convinced Reynolds started that nonsense with a missed cheap shot but at end of day you dont push your forearm into face of player on ground in full view if you expect to be a future Immortal! Scott has had a poor series and Taylor should never play Origin again. Gillett was the pick of the forwards along with Thaiday and Parker was sorely missed for his offloads

So many times Qld could have put this game away – as they have in previous years. Two crucial injuries – Cronk and Tate – in different matches killed their chances but then we have heard so often that that is when they are at their best – broken but not beaten. But no they are not supermen. They are highly skilled and highly paid athletes but still very human. NSW was gone and had no imagination in attack. They got 300 tackles in a row in our 25 and finally scored. We couldnt do that in first match. Then the cardinal sin – kicking out on the full . EVEN THOUGH WOODS CLEARLY TOUCHED IT!!! Another turning point – but once again we didnt deserve the win

So woke up this morning bleary eyed to see the highlights of a great Soccer match – yes it Soccer not Football, this is Australia deal with it. Talk about highly paid highly skilled players! But the glaring difference was EXECUTION UNDER PRESSURE by the Dutch superstars

So the sky isnt falling. Luckily we dont have to hear th “D” word for a while – as in dynasty. All good things come to an end and good luck to Lozza. Thank Me it wasnt Sticky, Bellyache or Gus that won! Its hard when your sporting “heroes” lose. When the Aussies lose cricket to the Poms it hurts – but you take solace in the fact that you are Australian at least and get to wash daily. So its not the end of the world. Things could be worse

I could have been born in NSW

  1. aardvarkoz says:

    Great write up Flashy, thanks mate. I woke up this morning thinking “I really don’t want to wade through match reports but I just want someone to confirm that Woods touched the ball before it went dead”. I then wondered where I would achieve such a goal and ta-da! Flashy to the rescue!

  2. flashman181 says:

    I see Scott has a broken cheekbone after “accidental knee” in first 20 mins so that would explain his lack of input – to a degree 🙂 The ball definitely touched Woods chest – or the “Chest of God” as now known – but it was close and the call went their way, so be it. But then the buffoon comes out and says – ala the cheating Manly player Foran did against the Cowboys – “nah didnt touch it at all mate” That simply makes you a fool first and a cheat second. Admit it touched you, they cant change it now. The booing of Tate was disgraceful and it is always amusing that it is the Qld crowd that get the feral wrap. Well, not amusing at all actually

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