Friday Fallout

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Some random thoughts will write down now as probably forget them later #nolightatendoftunnel

1. We had 3 days of Winter this year and it was very nice. Apparently now we have to wait for GOT Season 5 to start

2. 2.3 million watched Australia/Chile soccer (#weareAussie) match on SBS; 2.6 million watched SOO 2 on Nine. One cant help but think 4.9 million may have watched SOO 2 on SBS and 2.60001 million watch Soccer on Nine.

3. Channel Nine coverage. Right up there with I Want to Marry Harry pregame for scintillating dialogue. I like Rabs I really do. When he calls the football. He loses me when he starts trying to sell the appeal of the next episode of House Husbands . Which brings me to

4. Sportsbet. Simply sick of the ads. Ok you say at the end with a big smirk on your face that you should “gamble responsibly” and then rave on about the 400 k you dropped on your money back bet on S00 1. Ok if that much was won back on one betting option how much money was “gambled responsibly” on the whole match. Then we have the new iPad app designed for fat fools with fat fingers. No, its designed for drunk idiots who cant place a bet on the iPhone! Dont get me started on that twat Waterhouse either

5. Fargo ended well and was a rather stellar season. The test will come with Season 2 I imagine and fresh material but it is in good hands

6. I looked up my date this morning and I am old but do wish someone could explain to me the appeal (#keepgettingmade) of the CGI fests currently masquerading as movies. Ok Godzilla was not the worst example until near the end but there is a new Transformers movie on the horizon and we had Pacific Rim etc. I understand you need CGI if you are making a movie like Godzilla or Desolataion of Smaug etc because these creatures are not naturally occurring except maybe in NSW. Damn they make for dull movie though in general

7. Aussies continue to lead the world in piracy of TV shows like GOT. Yay we are winning at something. The boring farts in Cantberra will attack this with their usual wonderful insight and not address the actual issue as so well highlighted by people such as Louie CK or in Crikey recently

8. Like clockwork – 3 days after visit with Grandkiddies the sore throat and sniffles start. Like reading bacto plates in the morning and then sticking your head in the incubator to look for more without any PPE on! #okyagotmeIhavenoideawhatPPEis

God rested on the 7th day so got her covered by one . But lets end on a laugh (in case you didnt find the previous wordy brilliance humorous)

  1. aardvarkoz says:

    Great title sequence. Mind you, after South Park I also hum “weiner, weiner weiner” whenever I watch the actual show 🙂

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