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Posted: June 11, 2013 in TV

So Games of Thrones has finished for another year. Some people thought it ended last week. It was a very good season. Along with Mad Men it is top shelf “drama”. In a few weeks we will have the last leg of the Quality Trifecta – Breaking Bad. Its very thoughtful of the companies to spread out the top shows. Methinks it may be rating related. Like remora on a shark there are usually a few second (and lower) tier shows circling at same time. Shows like Mentalist, True Blood and SOA. Note – I will only watch TB as long as they dont kill Pam off (I guess that would be kill her again?) When she leaves so do I. Then we have the new shows that are usually hit and miss – Elementary, Hannibal, Da Vinci yada yada yada. The one exception that shines bright is Orphan Black which I assumed was a UK show but is not. It was very good though folks. Which brings me to the point. Finally.

If you are in a state of despair to the lack of quality drama around redirect your interest to the UK. Now I have a weakness for UK shows – devoted followers know this. Reading on the Whirlpool forums ( an excellent site for info but also populated with your usual share of opinionated clowns) a few months ago discovered the following site

Gold baby. The UK dramas tend be short and rarely sweet. 3 episode yarns are common place and good value. Most season are only 6 episodes. Now you may get the one off “mini-series” format like Ice Cream Girls or the returning series like Case Histories. Regardless they are all good, some bordering on great. Currently working my way through Blackout – 3 episodes and looking superb. Before that we had Line of Duty, Life of Crime, Endeavour, Bletchely Circle, The Shadow Line. Several more lined up to watch like Restless, Shetland, Murder on the Home Front. And if you want a great recurring “cop show” then look no further than Scott and Bailey

Now there will always be those of you who would rather watch repeats of True Blood then try something new and that is your choice. But if you want to broaden your horizons start looking overseas. Of course with all this TV lined up it may not be my horizons that get broadened……….

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