Losing Interest?

Posted: June 9, 2013 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Now Finance is not my strength. I know how to spend money and I know if you leave it in that big brick building for a while without touching it there is more when you go back. In between is a large grey area. That is why they have Financial Advisors. Our plan was we needed to “make” about $35,000 a year on investments to keep rolling along largely unfazed. Anything more would be a bonus, less and I have to become a Stop/Go Man apparently. So after first 3 months and I had an “extra” $17,000 I was feeling like Clive Palmer and not just because I also had a dinosaur as my first pet. This money shit was easy. Spoke to FA and his final words stayed with me. “I dont take credit when it rises and I dont take blame when it falls”. Exact opposite of erections then I guess. (Note to self – check why FA was calling from South America?)

Now the funniest part of the News Bulletins has always been the Weather forecast as these clowns stand there with straight faces and tell us what the weather will be for the next 6 months, day by day. Just before this segment they usually flash up some numbers and from what I gleaned green was good for me and bad for farmers and vica versa for red numbers. Odd really given the affinity of farmers for green pastures. Anyhoo of late there has been more red then Gillards bathroom sink. And this is not good for me. Arent the farmers happy just with the all the bloody rain? A quick check of tally indicated in a matter of a week $17,000 had become $7,000. This cant be good. That is like a 4 week holiday in Europe gone in a week. And no extra 5 kgs to show for it.

Now I am not a glass is half full type of person. If some bastard took half my drink I want to know who and why. But driving back from Gimpland to Maryhole this morning there was some good news just around every corner

They are still doing heaps of bloody road work!

Red is Stop, right?

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