The Hangover Part 1

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Sport

No, not that rubbish movie series. Its State against State, Mate against Mate. COAG??? Nope State of Origin ya goose

There are only 2 significant sporting events in the calendar year. Augusta Masters and SOO. Never have we snapped the quinella for Qld . Never have our chances been so good as 2013. Then Loz had to stick his nose into it didnt he. And what a nose. Now its easy to hate Sticky AKA The Angry Ant AKA Carlos Smierson AKA Games Greatest Thinker. Its impossible to hate Loz. I tried I really did

The night did not start well. I accidentally caught the last 5 mins of The Block. Someone was inflating a blow up pool. People watch this crap???? Then the usual 40 minutes of Channel 9 drivel. Ok the first segment with Tyrion Lannister saying he had never seen a Blues team win was amusing. I have never seen a Dragon (Red Ranga not withstanding) . We are even. I am no Gus the Goose fan but at least he has some cred. What the fuck did that clown Ken Sutcliffe ever do on the Sporting field. At least Tom Waterhouse has vowed to pull back from being on TV. Hey wait a sec isnt that ………

Now Qld’s two greatest strengths are also its two biggest weaknesses. They are so relaxed and unfazed they only wake up when 10 points down. When they actually decide to play they can score quite easily as demonstrated by the ease of the Boyd try set up by the very unusual site of Hodges running from dummy half. But in the first half it was like someone dropped the keys to the Inglis boat in the middle of the ground and they all decided to bunch together in the middle and help look for them. At least they all had a leak before play. The second thing of course is the renowned loyalty. The Dads Army jibe was not far off the mark. We looked slow in the middle. Did anyone else notice how things picked up when Parker (no spring chicken) and Teo came on? They actually ran hard and offloaded. So Qld has to lose a series because it is the only way people like Myles and Harrison will pass on. Even if do or die for the third one we will pick the same players who have been there before. We invented the Pick and Stick plan and it works well – up to a point. We will lose a series soon though because of it

Before the match Greg Bird said how he loved Queensland to live in but was a true blue which is kinda fitting because he plays like a QLD forward from the good old days – Axe 2 maybe? He and Lewis were superb and Hayne was all class at the back. Gallen smacked Myles around a bit – likely deserved – and then had a good old whinge and whine to the ref about something that happened in 1981. I dont mind Gallen actually. In fact I dont really hate any Blues player – except maybe Haynso. JT was far from 100%. Not an excuse, simply an observation

I do hate the NSW biased media though. Its like the POMS. Kick their ass around from sunup until sundown for 10 years and nothing. They win one series and suddenly ya cant shut them up. If and when NSW win this year it should take about 5 minutes until the first mention of the word “dynasty” drivels forth. But it is like the cricket in a way where we will clearly lose The Ashes this year. Its only sport folks. Its not The Red Wedding or anything life-changing. And that is good, because the one thing I know at the end of any sporting disappointment is where I live and where I wake up in the morning



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