Like Riding a Bike?

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Shit Yeah! And its not the wind in your hair feeling because you should be wearing a helmet ya clown. But there is freedom. Also Power and Acceleration – couple of serious intoxicants. But then there is also Exposure and Vulnerability

I took up Motorbike riding late in life when my other dream of being the first Aussie to wear the Green Jacket looked unlikely. Now this has its pros and cons. On the plus side one is more mature and sensible and realise that going 180kmh does not make you brave, simply stupid. Was able to do Q Ride so wasnt stuck with a pissant motor mower disguised as a 250 cc motorbike. Also have you seen the price of petrol ?? On the con side because one is sensible and mature – ok old – one does not have the reflexes or agility of a youngun. Not a big issue in a straight line but one does slow down in tight corners which I am led to believe is one of the joys of riding fast. Also, 2 hrs in the saddle is my limit these days before the bot bot and the back need a break. Of course these days just happy to get the leg over and not fall off – and that extends to bike riding.

So Mid Life crisis No 4 began about 6-7 years ago with an old Kwaka 650. It was red so must have gone fast, as my Mum would say. Quickly moved on to a Suzuki SV 650 which was a sweet ride before finally agreeing with the CLP – Yes Honey bigger is better – and bought a brand new Suzuki SV 1000. Now racked up > 50,000 k on it and it will be my last bike. Now back in those days finances were a bit tighter and only had a Hyundai Excel shitbox which was lucky to make it to Tiaro and back so Suze became the transport of choice when visiting Flashman Inc headquarters on Sunshine Coast or Offspring in Toowoomba. I would set off for the 2 hr ride come rain, hail or shine and commune with nature from the inside out. This would even include leaving occasionally at 0430 in the morning dressed like Nanook of the North for the trip back to Maryhole and then a full days work. I even did a couple of Rides for Daniel – where it always seemed to rain! Riding in the rain is like playing golf in the rain – dont like setting off in it but if it happens during the event then so be it.

Then financial position improved and so did car. A very passable 2006 Mitsubishi 380. That first time I drove down early in the rain and decided to stop into Maccas at Gimpland for a sausage egg McMuffin (is there a better breakfast roll around??)and coffee for breakfast was life changing. This is quite enjoyable and comfortable – and can also listen to Roy&Hg on the way. Sweet. Suddenly I started to trust the weather bureau. Ok it may rain sometime in next few days, better take the car just in case. Suze sat in the corner of the garage looking forlorn and unloved – something we have all felt at times. This went on for about 3 months and then became a reduntiree, and then the JANUARY FLOODS. It was a sign from God surely. Move to NSW? Fuck off – QUEENSLANDER!!!!!! Then one day, during the rain, an oldish guy (probably my age but not in my pristine condition) knocked on the door and said he had heard from someone at the hospital that I had and SV1000 and would I be interested in selling it. Now I was slightly interested I guess so took him under the house and showed him Suze. “Can I sit on it please to get a feel?” Sure mate. Ok 5 minutes later he had somehow got his arthritic hips to lock in and he was able to sit on the bike – and his face lit up. Now this was a biker who was going to be buried with a bike if he had to but was never going to stop riding. It struck me. I didnt want to stop either. So after another 5 minutes he was able to get off and finally left with a tear in his eye. So it was time to start riding again but it was going to be a slow process becasue it seemed every time I travelled south I needed the car to take extra gear yada yada yada. My story and I am sticking to it

Then I got serious. Updated Will and even got a Power of Attorney drawn up with nominated Plug Pullers – who I must admit seemed slightly excited at the prospect of the power! Then a quick check of the bike by loyal mechanic and then a plan formulated. One should not underestimate the uneasy feeling one gets if travelling at 120 kmh – no cops read this right? – when one has lost a bit of confidence and there is not a lot between you and a lot of pain. So lets start slow with some trips to Toogoom to see GC2 and BF1 – who it just so happens just got himself a motorbike. Spooky eh. And it was a glorious cool brisk Queensland winter morning today to head off. Next will be the 2 hr trip to Sunny Coast followed by the 4 hr trip to Toowoomba. Not all in the same day mind you – and Toowoomba may wait until Spring. I may be old but I aint stupid.

My only question though is do I push the bike through Maccas drive through or stay mounted?



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