Tuesday TV Talk

Posted: February 18, 2014 in TV, Uncategorized

True Blood started off with a brilliant opening montage. The show was good at the start as well before it went gaga. Moving along the alphabet as one does from B we get to True C (the Campbell Newman story) but luckily we move on quickly to TD or in this case True Detective. An even better opening montage with the stunningly haunting music.

Its only 5 episodes in but already a standout especially after the game changing episode 5. MM has certainly lifted his acting game of late and deserves all the accolades but I do fear he may have taken some “Too Cool for School” acting seminars with the Goose Gosling. Only time will tell. For the time being sit back and enjoy an intelligent and gripping yarn.

Freaky Frank Underwood and Ice Cool Clare are back to entertain with second season of House of Cards – yank style. Same old shenanigans at present – 8 episodes in – but if this is your cup of tea as it is mine you wont be disappointed. Think West Wing without any likable characters. Speaking of CJ, Masters of Sex was an impressive first season once you past all the T&A. I have now seen all of Claudia Jean and not sure if can rewatch WW now ever again but she is very good in this as are the whole cast. I was a bit slow to the party but once got into it around ep 4 finished quickly. Luckily I was not part of the study!

Always on the lookout for the next bit of foreign TV to throw on after the excellent 3 seasons of Borgen and The Bridge Season 2 . Les Revenants was also impressive and keenly await the return of Braquo. The irish brogue can be hard to follow sometimes but not really enough to classify as foreign but if you like your drama on the gritty side check out Love/Hate. Next cab of rank is Salamander

Justified is solid as always but not quite back up to Season 3 standard. Hard to comment on a fave of mine The Good Wife given the way scheduling is screwed around. One episode – ok lets have a month off, no one will turn off. I wont, but plenty will. Same with The Mentalist – you get the folk back onside after ridiculous Red John nonsense and then disappear again for a month!

The US version of Rake was not too bad but quickly blown out of the water by return of the original Aussie production. The Moodys are back for some lightweight Aussie comedy but the comedic highlight each day at present of course is The Ice Stream with Roy and HG

And now to the epic fails.

Expecting The Following to suddenly appear believable in a second season is like expecting the next Arnie/Sly movie to be realistic. I am a sucker for these sort of shows and the first episode showed some promise but oh man has it got ridiculous. It simply intrigues me now – why is Bacon in it and how did it not get cancelled after first season?? Oh thats right we are on our 12th season of The Block! The big disappointment for me this season though is Girls. Not a rabid fan but first and second season were good . Third is not. And Lena Dunham gets a lot of plaudits for writing (ok) and having no body image issues. Good for her, important issue no doubt. But she goes too far. Here is a tip sweetheart – its ok to not look so good in a bikini but still wear it all episode. It looks kinda try hard though when no one else on the show is! You dont walk into town in a bikini.

So plenty of good shows to watch and fill in the gaps with sport and some Daily Show et al and the day pretty well takes care of itself.

Now I just have to work out at what time of day does one really need to change out of the PJs?

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