Another year closer to Retirement .

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

So, another year has passed and another year older. Noticed another 6 grey hairs this morning. Sadly they were growing out of my ears!

Has been a lovely few days. First up was a long weekend at Surfers Paradise staying at Sun City Mantra. My mantra these days is I hate people around me basically. Luckily we were on 18 th floor in a great 2 bed room apartment. Great views and not too many close by although sounded like a pack of rats were released in unit above about 6 pm every night for 2 hours. Very much family orientated place with pools and slides. Not often I say this but luckily the weather was pretty bad so not a lot of great unwashed to contend with. Plenty of time for the outdoor spa etc on first two cloudy, windy days @ NOSunCity. Last day the sun came out as did the hordes but still managed to get burnt lazing about the pool. Now I had had my fill of hot chlorine the first two days but somehow the ignorance of the group of assholes who sat in the spa for 6 hours with an esky nearby just annoyed me. Also treated to a lovely massage and head scratch for an hour on Saturday. In a dark room. With pan flutes. If I had not already had my Nanna nap that day I may well have drifted off. I do make it a rule generally though to stay awake when naked in a room with a strange woman. Just in case.

So Bday arrived and off to Brisvegas for the night at Mantra Southbank. So your basic hotel suite with a bed and not much else on 3 rd floor, remembering of course first two floors are not used. Now I must say the soundproofing in these rooms was superb. Could hardly hear CLP whining when I ” accidentally” locked her out. At least not for first two hours anyway. Met up with BC 2 at Ole Spanish Tapas bar just across the road. He is now inked up so there was a regular police presence ! The food was superb, especially the slow cooked lamb. Darool Darool. Spanish beer was ok too so look out Barcelona around October ! Even got dragged along to some Stuffed Animal exhibit – CLP s attempt at humour no doubt- at GOMA which was very good. The main call of Brisvegas though is dinner tonight at Stokehouse. CLP has pampered me indeed.

The best part is still to come though. Tomorrow I get to drop CLP off at work and laugh! Then on to Beachmere to see daughters x2 and Handsome Harry. Even Gpipes may pop in. Jas is with child and now knows the sex but that is for her to tell folk. Either way it is Grandchild 5 which means I must be old I guess. Maybe just lucky.

At this rate I should be able to retire any year now.












  1. aardvarkoz says:

    Nice one mate, glad it was such an enjoyable occasion. And some people say no rest for the wicked? What would they know!

    (Barcelona is wonderful BTW)

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