Sunday Sermon

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

You can get up off you knees folks – unless that is your preferred position. Uncle Flashy here from The Pulpit to fill you in , so to speak

The state of news reporting in 2014 , with its clever mix of social media and moronic presenters, was on full display this week with the images of a couple of over soaked tarts going postal on a bus. It led the news bulletins, it took up space on front pages. It enthralled the Block/MKR/Voice/Paint Drying brigade out there who were still suffering from post Corby withdrawal. (If only Mr Corby had also withdrawn eh, but that is another story.). It was actually a sad story in many ways and there was so much wrong with what happened it is hard to know where to start. So I wont except to say one thing – something has to change whereby with similar incidents in future (which are sure to happen now) the bus has to stop and offenders removed. Do we need bus marshals like on planes? Sad state of affairs. Almost as sad as the over reporting of it for its sheer titillation value for the great unwashed

Of course as soon as headlines come on I know it is time to switch over to The Daily Show – which sadly should be called something like the 4/7 daily show. Still with Colbert as faithful back up always enough biting satire to watch – and then once a week go full hog with Bill Maher. But me like me drama and while many were creaming their jeans with return of Hannibal et al I went searching , as often do, a bit further a field. Across the pond even. Now devoted followers know of my liking for some Brit Drama, even with a touch of Irish Brogue thrown in – but not too much. So finished Season 4 of the always excellent Love/Hate and now eagerly await Season 5 in the fullness of time – which I apparently have plenty of. I did not bother checking webby thing as for some reason thought Line of Duty Season 2 was a 3 parter so when 3 were available started watching. Now this quality drama folks, not that many of you convicts bother with UK shows and I was somewhat transfixed by the shenanigans but as episode 3 started drawing to a close I thought well things are going to have to speed up. Well actually no ya clown, there are more than 3 episodes! Now I have to wait another 5 days for next installment. At my age that means I need a quick synopsis of the first 3 episodes an hour before hand. That could be an untapped avenue of employment for me actually. Write short recaps for previous episodes for the older folk out there who have trouble remembering what happened yesterday.

Anyway Line of Duty was coming back on so was keen to sit down and watch the second season………. oops. It happened again

So while I wait may just have to contend myself with watching us belt some Saffers around for 5 days. There is something slightly imperfect about a game where the flip of a coin can make such a difference to outcome – but hey when it comes down your way, enjoy. Warner is still a mixed bag but effective most of the time. Doolan looks good technically but needs to be a tad more dynamic at 3 and Smith continues to shine. No doubt having Uncle Shane wiping his box for him has got Pup back on track. Forget paint ball bruises, we all know they were Pups hickeys all over the Warne bodice.

So another week passes and no rain. If I am taking over your job on Sundays Sonny you better start delivering some of the liquid stuff. Or else I am keeping all of the plate takings for myself.

And get a better wine next time too eh. A nice Grange will do.

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