Oscars 2014

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Movies

Two words come to mind. Dull and Wooden. Golden Globes is always a much more entertaining show, helped in no small part by my Tina.

Ellen was ok but tends to have more misses that hits. In fact her highlight was probably her comment about 12 years winning or not. She is best as an ad libber so did some good stuff in the walk arounds but give me Billy Crystal any day. Hell, dig up Bob Hope for that matter. Speaking of the walking dead, Kim Novak was a tad sorry to see. At least Sidney Poiter still has grace and dignity even if has trouble reading etc. Of course the continually surprising and gracious A. Jolie helped him along well. Angela Lansbury on the other hand looks about 65.

Best speech was from the supporting actress winner – sheer joy and excitement but also a sense of the occasion and significance. Steve McQueen on the other hand gave a shocker apart from the memorable line – Everyone deserves not just to survive, but to live. This is the most important legacy of Solomon Northup. The other notable speech for me from that gaggle was the adapted screenplay guy – thought it was odd though that he did not embrace McQueen let alone acknowledge him on way up to stage? Our Cate of course was all class as always. Bill Murray was the pick of the presenters. Not a class field mind you

MM on the other hand was in full on mode. Have yet to see Dallas Buyers Club because when I realised it was not about Debbie and cheerleaders it quickly fell to bottom of must see pack. By all accounts he is very good in it. He is very good in True Dick too but still cant take to the guy – much like the Goose Gosling. These Jimmy Dean wannabes just dont twirl my moustache sadly. But I was happy for him . Until he had to go and mention Old Whiskers straight of the bat.

Gravity cleaned up Technical awards as expected and of course gave us a chance to see Sandy float around weightless in panties again. Nice to see a couple of Aussie wins with Great Gatsby – if anyone cares about that stuff. None of the big movie winners engaged me much this year. My pick for best movie was Her – fresh and new. It would never win best picture of course which kinda brings me to the other great quote of the night – from our Cate. “As random and subjective as this award is, it means a great deal” Also enabled her to show her support for Woody again too.

So another year passes and now we have to wait another 9 months. What is that you say – dont you mean 12 months you old fool? Nope. Because as we all know there is only one significant event attached to the presentation of old Golden Boy. And that occurs about 3 months before hand.

Aye matey ye be right again aaarrrggghhhh me hearties.

SCREENERS! Long may they rain down upon us .

  1. aardvarkoz says:

    You are truly mad, but in a good way, so that’s a good thing.

    I missed so many films this year. I can’t wait until we get the NBN rolled out around here and then I’ll do some serious catching up!

  2. Flashman181 says:

    We are still waiting to get ADSL 1 in Maryhole but still manage ok 😄

    Truly Madly Deeply ?

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