Tracking # Tina 2015. Part One – A plan forms

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Travel

She who will remain nameless thought the idea of travelling to NYC in February 2015 was rather poorly thought out. The argument has gained support of late with persistent snow and generally poor weather in the city that never sleeps but apparently sleets a shitload at this time of the year. Now I have seen NYC in all its autumn glory so the weather was part of the attraction although did expect it to start to pick up by now. In the background though there has been an ASIO approved Black Ops being planned. And that op is to track down my Tina whilst wandering/stalking the streets. To this end two significant events occurred in recent weeks both involving Jimmy Fallon strangely enough. He has a certain charm I guess but is no Johnny Carson.

The fist was his first night on the Tonight Show since its return to NYC and one of his surprise guests was Ms Fey. Ergo she spends February in NYC. Then lo and behold last night she was back on in all her full glory just being Tina . Ergo she spends March in NYC. Couple of other little titbits (giggle giggle). She “dropped the kid off at school”. (She has a 2 and 8 yr old) Ok should not be too hard to track down which school she goes to. Rather cleverly I had already avoided all known school holidays. And St Patricks Day – but that is another story.

Now any stalker worth his salt would know that Tina was born in Upper Darby PA. The second city for USA 2015 was already firming as Philadelphia so this bit of info was kinda the icing (ok snow!!)on the cake. Of particular interest though is that a certain Upper Darby speciality is Pica Pizza. Luke Cunningham is a writer on Tonight show. In a recent interview with Philly Mag Cunningham stated me that he once bonded with fellow Upper Darbian Tina Fey over Pica’s delicious rectangular pizza.

Here’s what Cunningham had to say:

Yeah, when I did that bit for Tina Fey, I talked to her about the pizza at Pica’s. She said, “My daughter was just there for her birthday.” Tina is going to be on the show on March 3rd

Cue video

Pica Pizza

So taking a cue from Ellen a plan is forming involving dressing as a Pica Pizza delivery guy outside the little brats school around drop off time. Ok, its still in planning stages admittedly. As the weeks turn into months some fine tuning will set this baby up. Of course her home address is the other option but a bit obvious. Still a good fallback I guess but will keep that location to myself at this stage. In the meantime lets sit back and enjoy her next movie. If there was one thing that may have upped the desirabilty factor for TF it was always going to be a Russian accent. Darool Darool. Ok I may have to watch this one in the privacy of my own home.

Yeah, not kidding anyone I guess

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