Monday Musings of the Sporting Variety

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Sport

So are The Aussies that good or are the Saffers an ageing team on the downslide? Bit of both methinks. Moustache Mitch has shown he is no one series wonder – the most impressive thing is he just so much smarter these days. Throws in wide balls(intentionally!), slow balls etc. Warner plays his luck, Doolan looks technically good, March knows what to leave. Rogers may struggle. Pups captaincy continues to shine. I suspect the second test will be a lot closer. No use Smith blaming the pitch – he won the toss! De Villiers is all class. Smith looked solid in second innings and was out to a brilliant catch. Rhino is struggling a bit for penetration – arent we all? – but is a class act and Larry, The Moe and Curly still hunt as a pack. We should win the series but expect next two to be more of a contest. If not than SAF is gone and needs to start rebuilding

Auckland Nines? Good fun for shits and giggles but means bugger all for the real stuff. What it does show is there a lot of big fast young guys not quite up to the real deal who we may never see again this year but damn they look good for 18 minutes. And Freddy was almost chased down by a front rower with a bung hip. Give it away Freddy. As a Bronco fan , still see more to like about Hoffman than Barber but cant see us keeping him. Corey Parker continues to shine.

Winter Olympics? Couldnt care less except it has bought back Roy and HG to our screens. I love technology. It only took about 5 minutes scouring the net to work out how to download the Ice Stream to watch at my leisure. Some events are interesting enough but if an Aussie cant win who really cares which really white person wins

Bubba wins again and actually remains calm under pressure. In fact he didnt even bawl as usual on the 18th green. Always fun to watch this California swing is with some classic courses – none better than Pebble Beach last week. Still some big names not playing but who cares really , its the contest we hackers enjoy. Especially when someone misses a 3 foot putt just like we do! The Funnel hung in for another win as well, always good to see.

And on a non sports related matter it would be nice to see the snow storms stop in NYC as will be there in a smidge over 12 months form now. Running through the rather excellent House of Cards season 2 does make one yearn a bit for Washington too I must say. Second city currently a toss up between Philadelphia and Washington – watch this space. Or not

  1. aardvarkoz says:

    Just goes to show what momentum can do eh?

    I agree with your assessment of “a bit of both”. We have self-belief and Mtchell. Meanwhile, they really struggled against India (who are losing in NZ) and they’ve just lost their rock Kallis.

    Port Elizabeth on Thursday is going to be very interesting indeed!

    Meanwhile, in the sport you don’t care about, Super Rugby is about to start. It’s looking fascinating, with the Aussie conference super competitive. It hurts to admit that NSW look the goods, but then again, they always do pre-season but somehow it all goes pear shaped and the Reds or the Brumbies come out number one. Long may that tradition continue!

  2. flashman181 says:

    I do enjoy the rugby with the Reds – its just when it goes international everything goes pear shape!

    And lets not forget the Roar are going gangbusters in “Soccer” as well.

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