Dinner for Eight

Posted: February 5, 2014 in TV

You didnt have to like Kerry Packer to like Kerry Packer. He was gruff and aloof – as if these are bad things! – but he didnt suffer fools and that included tax commissioners and Journalists. Like Paul K you didnt have to agree with everything they said but damn it was enjoyable listening to them say it. One memorable act of course was to ring up during the show and cancel Doug Mulrays Naughty Home Videos. Yes he was no doubt a bit prudish but he also recognised crap TV when he saw it. Which makes me wonder how he would feel about the current state of TV on his beloved Channel 9?

There is so much rubbish on at present that to single one out would be unfair but lets concentrate on two aspects which are linked anyway. The shameless promotion of their shows is one thing and really not sure having Slats outline the brilliance of The Block during the Cricket would win too many more fans. Lets face it if you watch that then you are not particularly choosy to start with. But the promotion of a story that will be aired separately in it own timeslot is simply pathetic. It was subtle to start with – “catch more about Lara Bingle’s inability to smile on Tonights 60 Minutes” but the recent nonsense with Shapeless Corby is simply deplorable. Having a Telemovie in the can ready to go is not justification to make her “possible release in the fullness of time” the lead story ya clowns! Not when you should have a reporter out 24/7 combing the streets looking for Thorpie! (Anyone else notice how nice his long time friend was?). Now yes those amongst you that think you are clever, but as yet unconfirmed by anything you actually say, would suggest well switch it off, change channels yada yada yada. But that is not the point. As we old age pensioners know routine is critical to existence like remembering to breathe in after you have breathed out. The 6 pm nightly news has been a fixture in my life for 50 years. Is it too much to ask that with 24 hrs in the day we can get some actual news and sport in 20 mins of it. Yes, correct you can shove your useless weather report up your ass. Its not as if we dont have enough fluff news already decorated as Today shows and the like. It is a sad state of affairs when pathetic TV continues to be produced because it rates well which simply is a reflection on the general intelligence level of the great unwashed. But then we see that every Election dont we.

Now some may think this is a Monday Moan cleverly disguised. And when I care what you think I will get back to you. But really there is logic behind the title. Use to be this game on TV before the news back in 1977. Pick you favorite dinner table of 8 if u could have anyone dead or alive. So here goes – see if u can follow the seque

Kerry Packer – just keep the food away from his reach
Paul Keating – of course, to control the rabble
Tina Fey – on my lap naturally
Chapelli – locker room yarns
Louis CK – for shits and giggles
Clunk Eastwood – to make me look younger
Elizabeth Banks – keep Tina on her game

Not only am I best looking and smartest in that group but also the poorest.

Now there is an obvious omission but that is because I would keep him all to myself in a totally heterosexual way – Muhammad Ali.

Back when he could actually speak of course

  1. aardvarkoz says:

    Good choices Flashy, I had a go and it’s hard to pick 8 if you think too much about it, so here’s 8 from the just below the top of my head:

    Michael Palin – travel stories and seems like a lovely bloke
    Patrick O’Brien – my favourite author and by all accounts a witty dinner companion
    Julian of Norwich – she was a Christian mystic who wrote some beautiful stuff
    Spiro Zavos – my fave sports writer, he’d have some great “off-the-record” stories
    Maggie Smith – love her work and she’d have some good stories
    Hayao Miyazaki – my fave director
    Jane Austen – I’d love to have a three-way conversation with her and Patrick O’Brien
    Mark Twain – his commentary on society is hilarious and I think he’d be a great guest

    (Only half of them are currently dead)

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