Tuesday Tripping

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Midlife Crisis in Maryhole

Monday Moaning has had its time. Most things never change so they are old news. Somethings u simply change yourself – eg dont even bother with Maccas Drive Through at Gimpland. Stop, get out and get a better coffee anyway. And get some exercise

So what does a Tuesday bring us? Been a big week of sport for starters

Its coming out pretty well for Starc and he should just stick to Twenty Twenty cricket methinks. Great to see the Bear get another go and do well. Maxwell is fun but must be frustrating at times. Bailey can smash it when needed and some young guys like Lynn and Cutting show a bright future. England? Who cares really but it does demonstrate what we have always known – even the most gifted sportsmen are still human with human frailties. Factor in that most are not the sharpest tools in the box then once the slide starts its hard to stop. But damn it is fun to watch

Speaking of Poms going downhill fast how about the big wave rider over in Portugal – the first place I always think of when they say big waves. Really brave or really stupid is debatable but the guy who rides them in on the jet ski never seems to get a lot of credit – that seems rather dangerous in itself to moi

Super Bowl swamps most sports coverage and good luck to them but you will never catch me watching it in full. It is Yank excess in all its glory. Unexpected score line and a sad endpoint for Manning but thats sports folks. Some great golf too on two continents. Interesting as well with both courses on display both an oasis in the middle of desert which makes for some stunning images. The 16th hole at Phoenix of course has Yank Wank on full blast but those last 4 holes is one of the most exciting finishing stretches in golf. Stadler missed about 4 putts that should have sealed it and of course Bubba only has one way to play. Like Phil on steroids. With personality. At least Stads can look at Mum and know she never cheated on the old Walrus?

Which segues into some celebrity discussion.

Rowan Farrow? Yep he is Woodys son for sure! Did like his tweet though.

The Seinfeld “reunion” promised a lot but delivered little – but then it always was a show about nothing. And of course it should have been a Chrysler Le Baron.

Thorpie? Odd story to be found wandering around in the early am near parent’s house. Manager found out big time with his initial lame cover up. Hard for Joe Average to understand how he could slip when he had so much but then it is a disease. Not sure it is leading news item though which simply keeps the circle going

Which brings us to the sad news for the week – the passing on Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Another complex story that is hard to understand from the outside looking in. Lets just acknowledge it is a great loss to the world of acting. But nothing compared to the loss for his children

  1. aardvarkoz says:

    Nice summary and a nice change from the Monday moan!

    If you don’t watch NFL you should never watch the SB. It’s quite often the worst game of the season. The divisional and conference championships are usually the best games. This year the NFC 49ers v Seahawks was superb and the AFC Broncos v Patriots was amazing. If only the Broncos had played like that in the SB 😦

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