Guilty Pleasure

Posted: June 19, 2013 in TV
  • No, not chocolate. Anything that tastes that good should never be associated with guilt. Its winter time folks and its a proven fact we all need some extra kilos for survival of the species. You cant fight Science. I am referring to that one TV show you watch every week that you may not admit to in public. Luckily this is a totally private blog.

    There have been many in the past. Hell, I use to watch Number 96 although to be fair I didnt control the remote in those days. Come to think of it I suspect we had to get up and change the channels manually! Use to get up at 4 in the morning and lick the road clean………. Anyway at least all that exercise allowed us to eat more chocolate. I even got sucked into Eastenders for a few months over 10 years ago while recording for a friend. My story and I am sticking to it. Luckily went Cold Turkey and survived. Amazingly watched 5 minutes last week and bloody Ian is still there!! But the 2013 entry is

    Offspring Now this is not a soap like Eastenders but it aint exactly Breaking Bad. Have always liked Asher Keddie although more often than not on this she borders on annoying. Kat Stewart provides most of the laughs but for me its just great to see people like Waters and McDonald pretty well doing anything these days. And I cannot get the opening title song out of my head. I watch so much heavy drama that some fluff like this just fills the bill once a week. These shows have a finite life as well demonstrated by Packed to Rafters which is Dead Man Walking at present. Have not watched since Uncle Harry starting going loopy. Apparently he still is on that journey 12 episodes later. Just end it now ok. The secret to the appeal of these shows is usually the secondary cast which are invariably “quirky” and Offspring is well served here. Its a feel good show with no unique elements but rather a good mix of the proven winners. Only time will tell if it continues to amuse or should be packed up and shoved up in the rafters with the rest of the past expiry date rubbish that populates our screen most nights.


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    1. I lost track at the end of the first season, but enjoyed that as a light-hearted spin on the Aussie soap series that Edwards and co. usually produce. I figured that it wouldn’t have hit the highs of Love My Way, but then neither has Tangle and I daresay Offspring is a least a lot more fun than that.

      As for my own high-carb, low nutrient series, this Winter it will likely once again be Dexter. Either that or binge on some of those fatty but expensive desert shows from HBO that I left behind mid-bite: GoT and Boardwalk. The problem with Winter once Weiner’s show ends is that there are so many guilty options and so few that are actually any good for you; here’s hoping Under the Dome is half decent.

    2. flashman181 says:

      Not sure they qualify to anyone else as GPs given their ratings and populatity😎 Not aware of anyone embarrassed to say they watch GOT. Until now.

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