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So we all remember cocky boy at start of week when everything just kept falling into place ? It couldn’t last and hasn’t.

First up sick as a dog with a cold developing. No doubt being too sociable with GU. Then yesterday afternoon got email from Ziggy saying my one booked tour in NYC this Saturday has been cancelled. Next up on way to Airport this morning with 2 hrs to flight when get notification flight is delayed another 5 hrs and now leaving at 2 pm rather than 0930 😰 Apart from sitting around airport for hrs also screws up plans for this afternoon of a visit to Santa Monica Pier. I will say AA are pretty good in customer service and even One World Ruby status gets you some good treatment. So was able to switch, no charge, to an 11 am flight which is better than first alternative. Santa Monica still a chance but probably need to Uber it.

So at airport all checked in, must be time for some breakfast. Let’s see smallest item on menu. Help

Thought no harm in trying to access the Airspace Lounge at SD which does welcome AA Admirals Club. Yep, straight in as a QC member. Not the best club in the world but is quiet and comfortable. And the GU are outside . And I did some research. Apparently you feed a fever and drown a cold

Of course the normal boarding time comes around and so the big board at gate flashes “boarding now” because in 2019 technology cant cope with subtle changes. People start lining up so lady eventuaally says we will board soon, we are just waiting for plane to arrive at gate and then to decamp. No shit sherlock, maybe why the 3 pilots are standing over there ya reckon? Delays happen fine , just don’t treat us like morons

So we got on pretty quick to be fair , about 20 mins late, and such a short flight of only 30 mins to a 52 alphabet gate so needed shuttle. Bag second off though and walked the 20 mins to hotel and in room by 1 pm . Like my stomach, things were on the turn

Time to Uber down to Santa Monica on a glorious day . Walked the pier straight up of course. The beach is rather amazing as well and all was pretty busy for a Monday . Then walked more into town because rather hungry by now and found a couple of places that tickled my fancy and warmed my tonsils

Filled in a couple of hours nicely before time to head back down and watch the sun set over the pier. Would have liked to stay until lights took full effect but have early start in morning and given the cock up about to round the day it was a wise call

I had left it to close to 6 pm to try and avoid some of traffic but was always going to be a nightmare. Now in my defence I was feeling crap by now again so maybe that , and fact no glasses, that I put in Courtyard Marriott but didn’t check which one. Also made mistake of getting Uber Pool. About 90 mins later am dropped off at CM in Beverly Hills ! Then have to try and get one back to LAX version. Eventually did but it was an expensive exercise and also a long one of around 2.5 hrs. A great day in the middle but bookended by real crap

Hey I hear planes, there must be an airport near here. Oh joy

WFW Day 7 – He Rested

Posted: February 10, 2019 in Travel

And on the 7th day he rested . From alliteration. If its good enough for Old Whiskers then its good enough for Young Stubble. A tad seedy today but not from alcohol per se but maybe the smoking. Have a sore dry throat which could be start of usual vacation cold or just response to the smoke. Hope it is the latter but as someone who doesn’t mix much with the GU I fear it is the former. Couple of flights in next couple of days which are never pleasant if not well. Time will tell but for today time to get out in fresh air and walk around as seems a nice day has dawned. The washing and packing await this afternoon 😰 Oh joy.

First up is usual Cortado and then a quick check in for tomorrows morning flight. Hoping to be able to leave bags at hotel near LAX and then head down to Santa Monica for afternoon. Would be a real knobber of course if could actually get into my room at 11 am but lets not set bar too high

I shall declare today an alcohol free day just to freshen up for the next journey. Lovely walking around in sun down on waterfront but certainly seems cold is developing

The place does get busier on weekends and one thing we know for sure is Americans love their big meals especially if pancakes may be involved

That’s it for me today folks. Not well so time to settle in for some golf from just up the road at Pebble. Mind you they did have a hail storm this morning 😳 Farewell San Diego

WFW – Day 6 . Beer, BBQ and Babes

Posted: February 10, 2019 in Travel

To be truthful only two of those are guaranteed but have so fallen under the spell of alliteration I cant help myself. A 3 hr brewery tour is booked for 10 am and does include a BBQ lunch. Forecast not as good for today but at present just cloudy . We are in a covered Pinzgauer apparently which is a Vintage Swiss Safari Vehicle built for an ultimate beer exploration. Let’s hope the roof is not made of Swiss cheese 🧀. If I don’t get a complimentary block of Toblerone on boarding going to be well pissed off. Not a lot of walking expected except to loo and back on several occasions. Breweries we visit are still a pleasant surprise much as it will be for the staff when I rock up. It’s a 12 seater and tour is full so seems another 11 Yanks are about to get a lifetime memory to share. Would be nice if one day another Aussie fronted on one of these tours just to lessen the burden

Ah nope

A quick trolley to Santa Fe station had me ready to board and hook in

First up a quick check

Babes 👍🏻
Partners 👍🏻
Chances 😰

Looked like a great group and even had two “buses”including a bucks party. What could go wrong? First stop Ballast Point

4 good samples and back on transport. Things were rocking. Next stop Bay City Brewing and also some BBQ lunch. For some reason someone brought along Jenga which was good fun

That was pretty well end of tour as advertised at 1pm. Not surprisingly we kicked on. Great group of people. We had some beers at Stone Brewing Taproom then ended up somehow at a cigar/hookah place . Then, apparently , we had some dinner at Werewolf. So they tell me

Great day but officially half cut and already 7 pm. Help

WFW – Day 5 . Tacos, Tequila and Tombstones

Posted: February 9, 2019 in Travel

Alliteration seems a big thing in Southern Sunny San Diego. Damn its catching. Guessing it means if you have too much off the first two you end up with the third ? That tour is tonight in Old Town so first up, after Cortado, is to plan a morning in Little Italy and finally hook into some food. Then the task will be to find an area of town not too old and not too little I suppose 🤓 If I do I shall call it Flashtown and the good citizens will rejoice . Flash’s Fave Folk you could say

First step is avoid catching the 7 am Tooting Trundling Trolley on the 10 min ride as simply nothing really open then . So walking back slowly on a booteeful crisp morning and just musing and generally enhancing the neighbourhood I looked at all the scooters lined up just begging to be ridden. Well why not I had the leather jacket on as luck would have it. It’s a bit scary how quickly you can sign up for things and start paying for it just with the press of a thumb 😳 It was great fun and even though my 3 min ride cost me $2:35 I will do it again. SD is just so well suited to it. Don’t imagine a lot of scooting in Numb Noisy NewYork next week after all. Only problem is I need to walk when on holidays to counter the higher caloric intake #LeapingLimeLothario

Duly arrived in Little Italy around 0830 which was ok to walk the streets and grab a coffee or two.

I thought there would be a more “unique”feel but really seems like a lot of Italian themed eateries/drinkeries on an otherwise normal street. Maybe I missed it . Very nice neighbourhood of course and was thinking of staying here initially and when I looked up every 5 mins at the noise was rather glad . They come in low and fast folks

I was jumping a bit after too many coffees methinks so time to get something to eat that’s not too sweet. Of course time -10:15 am – was the issue again but settled on Waterfront Bar and Grill , a proud dive bar. I had a beer and a burrito as you do at 10 am bot only got half way though. That’s lunch sorted. Again, very friendly staff. Davy Did Dive .

Time to walk a bit off that off and as luck, and clever planning, would have it was door adjacent to Ballast Point Brewing at 10:59. A Festivus miracle. Impressive place and didn’t really need any more beer just now but couldn’t resist the ability to download the untapped app and actually display on big screen what I was drinking. The actual task of downloading and registering on IPhone without glasses also served as the 11:10 sobriety test. Sober as a Judge as long as it isn’t Brett Kavanaugh 🤠

While sober I was full as a goog so time to trolley back to home for a few to discharge and recharge for tonight if you get my drift. May duck out to check out souvenirs but really have not noticed those shops around here. Maybe they were all in Little Italy next to the Markets and Bocce Green?

Good tour with a great group. Makes all the difference . Once again only non Yank. Booteeful night for walk around Old Town. Plenty to eat and drink. Guide was a failed Stand Up and you could tell . Put him in his place early. “So, what brings you to USA Dave” “A big plane pal”. Rest of night went smoothly

Flash Finally Full

WFW Day 4 – Brothels, Bites and Booze

Posted: February 8, 2019 in Travel

Seems to tick all the boxes eh. Speaking of ticking boxes, which could explode, maybe pass on the brothels and replace with balls? As in golf balls that is. Actually refers to a Culinary Tour (yeah I had to check twice in case needed to clean my teeth first🤠 ) through the Gaslamp Quarter tonight. Use to be the Gaslamp Half but a lot burnt down in ‘03. That can happen when you leave Gaslamps on 24/7 duh.

First up though let’s check out Torrey Pines Golf Course just down the road from Tory Spelling Brain Research Centre. They didn’t find anything. Keen to get going early to catch the sun rising over the course but is a fair drive and not sure too many Ubers around early in morning judging by yesterday. On way to morning Cortado found another Coffee shop so thought lets see if luck is lasting. Yep, perfectly fine Cortado again. Time to Uber and turned up quickly but was a slow trip up with the traffic. Got to course just after 8 am and it is a magnificent vista. I knew you couldn’t actually walk the course but it seems quiet so put on my Dumb Aussie face – you know Victorian – and headed off first cart path. Got about 70 m ( where first shot usually ends to be fair) before I heard the call “Excuse me Sir, you cant walk the course as a non player” “Ok great so you supply me with a cart as well? Sweet” “Ah no you idiot” So I trudged back , called out “Go Pies” and took what photos I could. It was amazing how narrower the 18th fairway approach is then what it looks like on TV. And fuck me if they didn’t have the almost identical bunker bike to Maryhole. Well, I just had to muck in and help eh. They were still removing stands from recent PGA Event

On way up with very friendly Uber driver Jose was discussing plans after TP and asked about La Jolla pronounced as in Jolly u know. He looked at me blankly, then the penny dropped. “Oh, u mean La Hoya? “ When I said “Si” we became Facebook friends. The plan thus hatched was to Uber back down the coast to La Jolla Cave and then Pacific Beach for starters. Stunning day with stunning images. Apparently

Now as glorious as these early mornings are the only downside is Imbibing Institutions usually are not open. It’s all very well to ponder life, make a decision, and then be turned away

The Uber had been great but was starting to add up cost wise so thought it easy enough to catch a bus for $2:25 home now so can live to fight another day

After a quick bite and a slow suck time to venture out again so why not try the trolley this time to Old Town. I could end up as honorary Mayor by 5 pm the way my day is going. Stepped off trolley, after it stopped, and turned left . Big mistake. Deadsville as in Maryhole CBD on a Saturday night. The underpass did have a great mural so not total waste . About to get back on trolley, once it stopped, but thought nah, there has to be more here. I turned right and voila a little Mexican Village that Yul Brynner would be happy to save . So far so good as McQueen,S would say. Tried a Mexican mocha because I could and even wandered into the Old Saloon for quenching ale. It looks like a great place to sample some food but may look into organised tour to get the full flavour. Once again a half assed plan had worked out well. Now back home to get ready for tonight’s soirée. It will be struggling to keep up with todays high standard

Once again only non Yank on tour. They are pleasant simple folk, you know, morons…. #wacokid. Actually they are very friendly and generous but you do get another insight into how Trump got elected. At start I always wonder what have I got myself into but my end its always a good night. Guess its because deep down darn it I am a people person. Good portion sizes and varied. You have to listen to Chatty Cathy in between courses and get the occasional interesting tidbit but it was a booteeful night out and good walking weather. Only issue really was at the end of the night some bastard switched my Guinness for the one they give the Leprechauns

It cant have been too bad. I signed up for the Tequila, Tacos and Tombstones tour tomorrow night😏

The weather has cleared to a cool clear day and thus faced with second scariest task on solo travel – the first use of Public Transport. Most scariest of course is first use of washing machine! First up plan is to catch ferry to Coronado to see the famous Hotel Del Coronado of movie fame and then loiter around for some other attractions. At least two main points of interest that linger in memory of a young boy……

Stop for requisite Cortado on way of course and then gaze in awe once more at USS Midway in morning glory. The ferry before 9 am is free which is a great service and again simply stunning views all around the waterfront. The similarities to a similar trip from San Fran wharf to Alcatraz come to mind but hope I am not locked up this time

Once on Coronado thought would use my Compass day pass and catch the 904 local bus. Ah no, doesn’t start until 0930 Tourist Clown and not wasting any of this glorious weather. Time for Uber which sadly had to come from SD but still at the hotel 20 minutes later. What a stunning place and a superb beach out front as well. Strangely no yachts in the harbour either

Then caught the local 904 bus back down to the Ferry Landing area but more specifically the Coronado Brewery 🤓 It was after 10 am after all. If buses can run I can drink ok. Quite peckish after a light breakfast so basically had to go with burger so lets call it an early lunch. Only ate 13 fries honest

Was keen to travel over the famous bridge that is quite high and scares some people . Probably the same idiots that like it hot. Now I knew I needed the 901 and bus stop was on Orange and 3rd. Given how well first few days went I just assumed the fact it arrived 7 mins early was another knob kiss. Ah no. By the time the Hotel loomed on horizon I fronted up and asked driver “Is there any chance I am going the wrong way and not ending up in downtown SD” “Well, yes and no sir. You will end up there but in about 90 mins u idiot. You wanted the bus stop across the street back at Orange and 3rd” . Thanks Chauncey I will get off here now . Hello Uber? $11US and I was back in apartment in 15 minutes although how he parked in living room I will never know 🤠 I see a lot of Uber in immediate future.

Time to chill for a little bit and a quick FaceTime with CLP and plan out afternoon. I have an active day pass that cost $5 and don’t want to waste it. That’s almost another beer after all. Let’s see this park they named after Rocky. Odd, thought he was from Philly ? Bit of a walk and then a bus had me at Balboa Park entrance lickety split. What a massive park it is. A cut lunch had me at the first “museum” which was tres impressive. Was keen to climb to top of tower if only to finally let my hair down in SD but you had to join a guided tour that went for 40 mins. Pass. So walked around the area and crumple my sheets if I didn’t stumble across a craft brewery outlet near the 17th museum. I decided to give the zoo a miss as, although am sure it is great, have seen enough zoos this decade. Time to catch a different bus home and a slight detour on walk home to pick up dinner

So another great day in SD with simply glorious weather . Just about ticked off main tourist attractions , and certainly most of the population, apart from Golf Course which will do tomorrow. A bit of planning then required to explore some more neighbourhoods and also have two tours lined up mostly involving drink, walk, drink, eat, drink. Luckily there is a day in between

WFW Day 2 – Segway to Sloshville ?

Posted: February 5, 2019 in Travel

Remember the 1970s, that time of innocence when you could believe what you were told . Sadly, another myth shattered

It’s a gloomy day only brightened by the enthusiasm of the weather presenters on Good Morning San Diego! To be fair they probably don’t get to slosh around in puddles much in SoCal. Well at least back in 1972…..

Now little optimist moi shan’t be deterred (speaking of which I am now , thanks to all the fruit I ate yesterday – ya with me 🤠). As a noted Seinfeld man I always hark back to the Even Steven episode. Was very lucky yesterday with the flying caper so saw two attractions had pencilled in this morning. Just as well really. Only concern now is Segway planned at 2pm. Always use this in a new city early on to get lay of land . Mind you after walking 5 kms yesterday I would suggest it is flat

San Diego, like San Fran, does seem to have a significant homeless problem made more distressing I imagine by the lousy weather. The waterfront area and convention centre seems a lovely area but not far away is the less salubrious Gaslamp district and I am a bit piggy in the middle. Speaking of which, time to check out the local cafe scene. I assume there are some nearby . Hard to see at 6 am in the dark and rain. And to think, I even packed my dick stickers for this first week . Damn, have to work on my sickenly positive outlook on life . My Accuweather forecast says break in the rain in 11 mins for 3 mins 27 s and when was the last time they were wrong. Ah yeah, in 11 mins time. Fair call

So turns out about a 3 min walk to Cafe 22 and now I remember I am in the US – massive meals and lousy coffee. Staff were great though. Then it was time to walk the streets for a while as weather not too bad at all. Also an opportunity to catch up with some old girlfriends….

Now to walk that off. Great walking city with wide streets and wide footpaths. Makes you wonder why so many wide women? Ah yes of course the massive meals duh. Headed in general direction of waterfront with a detour via Conference Centre and Petco Park. Man, that conference place is enormous. May book that for the next Fans of Flash annual shindig.

Of course by now I was thinking of going back for the dick stickers as rather warm and bright and here am I in wet weather gear and no sunglasses! It’s a great marina and very strong Mexican influence in many buildings . Very pleasant walk and before you knew it I was back at the USS Midway. Does that I mean it was going to take me as long to walk back …… here all week try the tacos.

Time to head back sadly as ankle was giving me grief now but not sure why. Oh yeah thats right

On way back found a great coffee place that serves Cortado and also a massive supermarket all within easy limping distance. Rest of week sorted , knobber knobber

Back home now for a couple of hours before Segway to see if can get the swelling down. To be fair, I probably should rest the ankle as well eh.

I know I went to Sunday School a few times as a youngun but someone on high is certainly looking after me so far on this holiday but doubt it’s Old Whiskers. The weather cleared for Segway and was only one on it. Um, I mean tour not the actual Segway itself which of course is a one man ride 😏 And it pissed down 5 minutes after returned to store. As suspected SD is perfectly suited to Segway and was a smooth ride around downtown. To be truthful had seen many of the areas already but there was some good history thrown in. SD is scooter crazy with same Lime ones as Brisveags uses but about 2000 more on streets . They are everywhere and likely hurt the Segway trade. There was even a Golf conference on in town so can now claim whole trip on tax. Oh, thats right I don’t pay any. Carry on.

So, another full day and already seen so much in just over 24 hrs. Plans for next couple of days will depend on weather but forecast is looking good. Really? Did I just put faith in a weather forecast. I need a beer.

Hey there’s one. Later dudes and dudettes

WFW – Day 1.5. Top Gun

Posted: February 5, 2019 in Travel

When last we left our hero he was heading off to mix briefly with the GU fully expecting to be disappointed and trudging back to Admirals Club for several hours. Flight was at 0940 so thought would wander down early around 0830 to get lay of Gate 52 G at LAX. Just as well. The 52 alphabet terminals may well be closer to SD than LA and require a shuttle from main terminal and this was not an efficient process. Not surprisingly big planes take precedence and so had the odd prospect of 3 shuttles ready to pick up the almost 100 passengers now but keep about 30 m away because one plane was still at gate! Finally got on board one and after literally crossing up and down in front of oncoming planes we got there ! It was about 0910 now and the plane was actually boarding. Is that a green tick against FerD I see on the monitor? Sweet. Not only did I get on early flight but got a bulkhead seat with great legroom. It is literally only 20-25 min flight but actually getting out of LAX makes it closer to an hour. Arrived in SD just after 10:15 and then bag was first off and taxi waiting. Got to unit just after 10:45 and thus had gained almost half a day really. I tell ya some times it seems like always bent over the bonnet and then there are those days when the pants are around the ankles with bed flute pointing north and getting plenty of attention 🤠 Of course a bit Shaggis O’Murphy by now but with worse weather on way for next 36 hrs time to get out and about

The unit looks great and in a quiet area even though near to Gaslamp District. Showers were coming and going but first chore always is get that AT&T sim for next few weeks. Works very well and makes it very easy to check in out and about

Research had shown that Kansas City BBQ was a filming location for Top Gun and was close to USS Midway museum to boot. In fact San Diego was used for several scenes from movie. It’s cheesy sure but these are the quirks you look for in cities . I had a beer to be sociable only honest

A short 5 min walk, admittedly in rather heavy rain, had me saying well hello sailor rather quickly. What an impressive sight indeed, especially the flight deck. It is simply massive and dominates the area around Navy Pier and the Embarcadero. Of course the real joy on days like this are the extras you find like the Unconditional Surrender Statue and Bob Hope Memorial

So on what was lining up mostly as a long day of flying and sitting around airports ended with 2 memorable highlights already and haven’t been here a whole day yet .

And of course always drawn to the quirk that amuses moi on way home. They had me at Pussy Playpen. Then the penny dropped….

WFW – Day 1

Posted: February 4, 2019 in Travel

And the day before to be honest but realistically first day covers about 43 hrs so what is another 24 between friends

So day before departure travelled down to Brisvegas from Flashman HQ Sunshine Coast to see Ferguson Matriach and then onto first birthday party for the booteeful Eloise . Filled in day nicely before decamping at Novotel Brisbane Airport for last night at under 100 kg . Apparently. CLP is along for ride at present so any last minute washing and ironing is covered. She is heading off for a week at Straddie as well. I don’t understand how some people can afford a holiday like that every year . Had a quick look at DFO which I only NOW realise does not stand for David Ferguson Outlet. Still able to get a new pair of quality Brooks shoes to take away if no signed images of the famous one.

In case you were wondering about the smile and the beer was notified earlier of a business class upgrade ( points) for long haul to LAX. 🍆👄 Devoted followers would know that this is first time on the Dreamliner and of course Premium Economy is base level entry now for reduntirees. However the PE on Qantas does not get great reviews from a leg room point of view whereas BC is uniformly well regarded. As a last day upgrade to get the bassinet position so should at least get a good sleep and just hope Hostie remembers to burp me before putting me down for sleepy byes byes. Really don’t know if any impact really (unlikely) but i reserve the right to whine later just in case. Right at the pointy end of plane, if any further forward would be wearing a cap and epaulettes.

So out early of course and left the batmobile in long term parking for month and proceeded to check in a mere 5 hrs before departure. Or not, doesn’t open until 4 hrs as you have to talk to security . Ok so had some breakfast and then CLP and I went our separate ways but first she did have to go to the ladies to dry her eyes. Simple enough check in and “express” security lane had me bar adjacent by about 7:45 . And the bar was open………later from LAX dudes.

Good flight and of course arrived on time having cancelled my earlier flight to SD with only the 3 hr window. Food was excellent as was service and comfort. At end of day it is still 13 hrs but this is probably as good as it gets excluding first class of course

Customs is still a nightmare but really seems slower than actually is and still terminal adjacent just after 7:15 pm. I asked for any earlier flights and am on standby for my original 09:40 flight but don’t like my chances 😏 . On the glass half full front was surprised that Qantas Club still gets you into Admirals Lounge. My research had said otherwise. It’s not the greatest lounge by any means and always crowded but the beer is cold and free. Still rather full after food on flight so imagine will have a brew and then go down and see how this Standby caper works and fails and then return to AC for a more serious go as will then have a few hrs to fill in. Meanwhile

WFW – The Day Trips

Posted: January 30, 2019 in Travel

One of the best ways to see more of USA each time is a day trip from the main city you have decamped in. This has worked well in past with trips to Salem, Fort Worth, Philly etc. Not all the same day natch 🙂 In some cases , like with Baltimore, a day trip one visit has led to a full week stay on subsequent visit. Of course as each trip passes the main cities have been seen and day trips become more limited from less populated areas. As is case this year

First up is San Diego. A day trip into Tijuana appealed initially but knowing my luck I would get an ugly donkey. The most popular google search for Tijuana also includes “safety” as well so when you throw in have to cross the border, either legally or through randomly placed slats, the appeal dims. Will just grab a bottle of Tequila and watch the AT&T Pro Am from Pebble on TV instead that weekend. Plenty to do in SD really anyway. Of course I do have a kinda day trip to LA, or LAX surrounds to be fair . Have done LA before and dont really want to go anywhere near Hollywood again after last visit. People kept throwing Nespresso Pods at me which was confusing until I realised they thought I was Clooney, G. So after speaking to Sheryl Crow ( I am an Instagram influenza A) I came around to her kinda thinking.

The Yanks do seem to love their Ubers these days but there is the Rapid 3 bus from near hotel which takes me down to Santa Monica in about 40 mins, traffic not withstanding. Mind you, better not still be there when the sun does come up over Santa Monica Blvd or could be in a bit of bother for NYC flight. For $1.25 each way, officially interested. I think that is about $7.50 AUD 😦 On a side note, and a little tease for devoted followers, CLP and I are in initial stages of planning our Africa Soujourn for 2020 – Call Me Bwana The deposit for this trip requires sending plenty $US to a Hong Kong Bank. Not only are you bent over bonnett with chili on stick but then they spray mace in your eyes at the HK end! Not as if all Hope is lost I guess

Next stop is NYC of course and previously done day trips to the main cities nearby. This time thinking of Atlantic City but could be a gamble in winter……. It is a rather long and boring bus ride actually but the boardwalk does appeal especially when not crowded. Put chances at 50:50 for now and will just depend on how week pans out. By then the Govt probably closed down again and all the TSA workers will be in the casinos trying to get money for food. May just opt to spend more time exploring New Jersey as have been rewatching Sopranos lately but already done “The Tour” last trip.

Finally we get to Baltimore and appears options limited. Looking at Annapolis so I can finally be Up Where I Belong ? Once again its a bus ride but shorter than the AC one and less to do in Baltimore than NYC after all. I would say 80:20 chance at present. Apart from men in uniform can get my fill of crab cakes and look at boats. Once again on Instagram asked Gere, R what was the best take away u can get there but think he misunderstood….

Getting close now and just a matter of days until Qantas contact me to say I have been upgraded to BC for free. Or not. As Gloria Gaynor said though I Will Survive. Maybe more appropriately when it comes to USA simply