RtR – Cocooned in Coonawarra

Posted: November 1, 2019 in Travel

Windy night led to a grey overcast morning but at least wind eased so Ferry will go ahead. Arrived nice and early as is our go and chose Lane 2 for lineup assuming that may get us an easier middle row to park. Then we saw 4 trucks of sheep lined up! Then they started with row 2 so ended up in far left lane jammed in tight. Anyhoo at least we were on board and could settle in with a coffee and some fresh Anzac biscuits. Or not..

Started our trip north east for a 5 hr drive with a couple of stops. First up was Strathalbyn for a coffee and scone and then Keith around 1 pm for a light lunch. The locals were intriguing but a bit hoity toity. By now was a bit shaggus so quickly grabbed 7 winks before on road again

An easy 90 mins on excellent roads then had us in the Coonawarra and as had made good time decided to do Rymill today. Impressive place and very reasonably priced wines. We were keen on the Cab Franc but not on tasting menu . The Sav Blanc impressed so easily made up our dozen for free shipping. Already have 3-4 cases being shipped and yet our back seat consistently rattles and rolls with numerous bottles of wine strewn about.😏

Then it was onto our lodgings – Georgies Cottage – which once again looks superb. Space and luxury in a quiet area. The threatened storms and rain did not eventuate of course

The Main Street of Penola was an easy 10 minute walk so under grey but non threatening skies we headed off. And dropped in at first pub – The Royal Oak. Yet to work out the full connection yet but clearly Penola and Mary McKillop have a strong connection. The beer was great and we chatted to some fellow travellers for 30 mins before doing the circuit of the Main Street . It’s an eclectic mix of shops to be sure with the one common factor being all shut at 5pm. No grocery store at all. So back to pub for a typical pub meal

Oddly they also had a statue of Kirk Douglas as he appeared in Man from Snowy River

Another great day and now have the next two to fully explore this region and complete our SA Wineries Bingo card . Sadly no taxis or Ubers operate in area. Odd

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