RtR – Cruisin the Coonawarra

Posted: November 2, 2019 in Travel

Once again we have found ourselves a B&B with space, comfort and peace and quiet. Some heavy rain during night has heralded a much appreciated cool change. Today’s plan is to visit some wineries. Duh. Not as easy as one may think though with some late opening cellar doors etc. Due to lack of any public transport one has to limit one’s visits to drinking establishments as one has to drive. Yes, the other one can drink of course 😏 Luckily the Pub is walking distance but every town has a pub. Trust me, I check these things

Of interest, this place has the hardest water have ever encountered. Having a shower is like visiting an Acupuncturist. Looks like a spa tonight – yes life is tough but I dont like to complain. Mind you, SA water tastes a bit odd too . Damn I did it again

Leisurely walk into town for some exercise after home cooked hot breakfast. Biggest question we have so far is does the word “Deli” mean something different in SA? Seriously, we have been to 3 in Penola and they dont sell cold meat or cheese! One sells petrol though so there is that

First winery today , and of most interest on visit is Wynns. First up though the tourist shot is the Coonawarra Siding. We waited a while for the 0710 express but it never showed. Maybe ran into some cheese on the track up ahead 😏

Then back to the Wynns Estate. It’s a great cellar door of course and made sure were there on time. We were only ones there at opening so had full attention of lovely lady helping us and the tastings were excellent as expected . I saw a microscope there so knocked out a few quick “50 cell diffs” (Editors Note – you need to have worked in Maryhole Pathology to understand that joke) . When I end up also tasting the fortified wine at end I know have probably gone too far. We purchased several and then it was time for some food

Now I would imagine a place called “Drink/Ottelia + Eat/Fodder” would be a safe bet but once again menu was limited but coffee was good as was the wood fired pizza. Loved the “pineapple” note on menu. Pizza helped soak up the first 6 tastings of Wynns red stuff. I could almost drive again probably. Oh thats right I already drove here from Wynns…… Now I dont want fans to think I am hard on SA as do love the place but apart from the whole Deli Debacle who the fuck has a “110 kph highway” bisecting 30 wineries. It is a disaster waiting to happen surely. There was a Centenary Monument to view and honestly CLP assures me she knows where that wood step she broke goes in being a recognised Jenga Champion. CCTV footage could prove damning in her pending court case

Had already been a full day but thought we could squeeze Balnaves in on way home. So we did. Again a great cellar door and no one around , its fair to say apart from wine this area does a rather amazing job with roses. We were much more circumspect at Balnaves with purchases limiting ourselves to a couple of the well known blend

So although only 2 pm will be a quiet day rest of day as sun starts to appear . We have supplies for dinner at home but will certainly venture out again at some stage if even on foot. The pizza at 11 am has thrown meal times a tad askew and of course completely screwed up my nana nap schedule. I dont mind living life on the edge but only within reason

Update 1830 hrs. Yep, bloody train still hasn’t arrived 😏

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