RtR – Completing Coonawarra

Posted: November 3, 2019 in Travel

Bold statement perhaps because we will never fully complete Coonawarra until visited every winery really . However , we do need to pull our heads in on the purchasing front and hard to resist with so many good cellar doors in area. CLP wont be able to open back door when get home for boxes of wine stored there! We will visit Blok first up to sample some whites for a change and maybe do walking trail this afternoon if weather is good. Forecast is much like yesterday when morning was grey and gloomy and afternoon sunny and smiley. Opposite of me really then. So far give the weather boys a ✔️

One is reminded of Cheese Shop sketch when one enters Delis in SA but could also apply to our search for a Great White at The Blok, previously noted for aforementioned variety. “Ah, you should have been here last week” Only 2 whites for sale/tasting and one was bubbles and one was not released until 2 weeks time. So we bought a couple more Reds 😏

We drove on for another coffee at Otellia and contemplated doing walking trail as we entered. Raining as we left we opted for another “haven of white” at Peter Thompson Wines in the Main Street. Perfectly acceptable and when he told us he did sell direct to the Mapleton Tavern back home we knew we were dealing with the premium product 🤓 . Very obliging cellar doors at both places but suspect we have already seen the best of Coonawarra.

Back home then for a light lunch and a weather update at 1pm. It seems ok so we headed off for walking trail. This involves 5 wineries in close proximity, one of which is Wynns so can cross that off. It’s a great idea in concept but poor in execution. It’s a not a circular route but rather a straightish line so when you finish you have to walk back to your car past previous wineries. Also needing the car to get about in Coonawarra kinda negates the big plus of walking and drinking. You are always wary of how much you can drink at any one stop. However it was a good afternoon and we parked midway so walked up 2 , back and drop off purchases , and then down 2 . Rinse, repeat

On way home thought we would drop into Hollick Estates as close and was written up in a few guides. Would seem to be mostly for its restaurant on the first floor. Wines nothing special but a great cellar door

So that pretty well brings the curtain down on our visit. It has been a great couple of days but still something about region cant quite put finger on. Wynns and Rymill are superb wineries/cellar doors and Balnaves up there as well but the region as a whole lacks something for me as a wine region compared to say The Barossa. Maybe it is the advertisement of “local produce” basically meaning a bottle of jam ; the deli thing has been mentioned and is related; some low key cellar doors with casual staff or set up where you continually had to ask for water or spittoon ; the ridiculous 110kph highway ; no public transport/shuttle really etc. Our accommodation was great and was a quiet location. We are relaxed and have plenty of supplies but unlikely to return for “the experience” as cant really define it and WineStar stocks Wynns 😏

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