RtR – Cruising around KI

Posted: October 31, 2019 in Travel

A big day yesterday has left us a rather relaxed day today but still a few KI KPIs to achieve as in Key Performance Indicators and not Keep Pouch Inward. As predicted the breeze is picking up but still a clear sunny day at present. I would suggest that in our relaxed and remote location we wont be pested by any Trick or Treaters tonight. 2000 Cruise passengers roaming free may be a different matter.

The loose plan then is have full breakfast again and then get loose at a couple of wineries before a nice dinner tonight at Sunset Food and Wine. At Sunset. As wineries do not open Cellar Doors until 11 am there will be markets involved as well as a slight detour to a magic beach we saw from Prospect Hill yesterday .

The sea was getting angry folks. But not as angry as the 2000 cruisers just informed they wont be coming ashore today due to rough seas. A good result maybe but then the markets wont open either. Ok, a great result. Ya got me 🤓 It does mean a bit more time to fill in between breakfast and first wine

It would be hard to imagine a more stunning day then yesterday but if first stop at Pennington Bay was any indication it would be a close run thing

Then we decided to drive through Penneshaw as Dudley’s Wine cellar door did not open until 11 am. The full double circuit of Penneshaw filled in a valuable 5 mins of our time

This then had us knocking on door of cellar at 1030 am pleading ignorance. It didnt work so we played with Rover. When did open at 11 am it is a stunning place with very passable wines and even a golf tee area where you could hit towards Australia. I think I winged a Phillip Island Penguin with a hooded 5 iron but cant be sure . Magic place on a glorious day

It was then time to head back about 50k to the other regarded Winery on KI called Islander Estate . Looked another low key operation but once again excellent wines and we stayed for the Drunken Jenga challenge followed by the “make your own picnic hamper” quest

The face was a bit flushed by now so time to head home for a few hours before back out for dinner at 630 pm. Cloudy evening but still amazing view from our restaurant. Here are some photos I prepared earlier

It’s been an amazing few days on KI and have been very lucky with weather. I could not put it better than my requisite T Shirt from KIS says which also cleverly implies that not only was it a very happy experience but I was also a bit inebriated a lot of the time and needed help with some basic activities

Catch a slow moving Ferry tomorrow at 830 am before heading the 5 hrs north to Penola, the heart of Coonawarra region. Not sure what it is famous for but just hope it doesnt involve wine . I need a break

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