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Posted: October 30, 2019 in Travel

Today have the rare opportunity to drive 150 k west, be bored, turn around and drive home. It’s another cracker day after a very restful night. Don’t just take my word for it though, take a peek at some of Old Whisker’s current work

Plan then is to have the full cooked breakfast on offer for fear we may be fading away and then head out on the rather excellent roads across to other side of island to see Seal Bay, Dolphin Inlet and Otter Outcrop. One of those is a real place but you will have to wait for photos. Or go on WWW thingy. First up better check the weather again. Yep, sun moving up not down, good to go

Our hosts are wonderful and helpful and one tidbit of interest picked up last night is that Cruise Ships often drop in on a Thursday and one will be here tomorrow. Another reason to visit the “icons” today. One thing I hate on holidays is bloody tourists. Sadly there could be a market set up so thats tomorrow morning gone 😏

Surprisingly warm days with 30 today and 34 tomorrow but of course not being Qld does mean it will change and be down to 20 on Sunday. Darool Darool

Off we headed towards Flinders Chase . Good run and no traffic had us at first destination of Admirals Arch around 10 am and only ones there at present. It is a magnificent formation set against the bluest of blue seas. And there is a Lighthouse

As we rolled out 2 busloads arrived so will need to keep ahead of them . Next stop was Remarkable Rocks set on top of Ho Hum Hill just around the corner from Cod Ordinary Cove. Like what Stonehenge would look like if knocked up when pissed. A bit more of a crowd now but one of my lesser known qualities is ability to cut out bloody tourists from my photos. It takes patience, skill and ass and as The Loaf would say 2 out of 3 ain’t bad

Next stop for The Big Three for KI Bingo was Seal Bay . You would think at least the road down to there would be sealed …

This was more of a commercial operation with overpriced souvenirs and $16 (13 for Seniors 👨🏻‍🦳) to walk a mile down a boardwalk to look at seals sunning themselves from 30 m away. You could pay $37 and get on the beach within 10 m of seals and be bored by a 45 min talk as well . It’s a great beach mind you and well worth a look if you had never seen a seal in your life. You know if u had been living under even an unremarkable rock. Just my luck too, I actually came face to face with a bloody tourist 🤓

Enough Icons for one day. Time for some lunch so dropped into American River to check out Oyster Farm shop and a quick lunch at Deck Cafe. As with everything in KI they all seem like Mum and Pop run stores with no ability to deal with a rush of visitors. Then it was time to head home but decided to stop off at Prospect Hill on this glorious day and climb 3000 steps

The sun may come up slowly in morning but takes a lot longer to go down at night trust me. With at least 4 hrs of daylight left I suspect there could be a late afternoon stroll along the beach and then have that Honey Wheat Ale beer and hope to get a buzz.

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