RtR – Hop, Skip and a Jump to Kangaroo Island

Posted: October 29, 2019 in Travel

Actually its a long drive and a Ferry but where is the romance in that? The Frenchies were fine. It was the Aussie Asshole next door that was the problem. Council worker parked his work Ute outside , went in and took off his High Vis Vest and appears to have fallen asleep in front of TV . At least that was scene when I finally hammered on his front door at 1230 am to turn off the bloody TV! Shocking nights sleep in the end . A bright start to morning though. Yay. And a full breakfast for the long day ahead

We left just after 730 am with a casual approach to the 4.5 hr road trip for a 3 pm ferry but with half an eye on idea that if we had a good run we could make the 1 pm Ferry. Again, excellent roads as we travelled adjacent to Great Australian Bight. We stopped for some lobster and a coffee along the way but short stops and so did arrive in Cape Jervis before 12:30 pm

Quickly presented to Check In expecting to have to provide our Seniors Card for discount claimed but waved through easy . Should we be happy or insulted that clearly we were “Seniors”?
The car loading of course was very efficient and we left on time for the 50 min trip on calm seas on a simply glorious day. We had a sandwich for lunch and of course some alcohol

Disembarkation was equally smooth and we were at Adagio B&B within 20 mins. Looks a great place and VERY QUIET . Yay.

As we did arrive earlier than expected we were able to visit a few quirky places today and leave the iconic sites for tomorrow. Not many people would know that KI is over 150k long. I didnt. Tomorrow will involve 150k each way to see the good stuff so this arvo we settled for the bad stuff. The Emu Lavender Farm was a snooze feast for me but CLP enjoyed. The KI Brewery was closed until weekend. The KI Distillery was open so we sampled some Gins which were fine. Then onto the Drunken Drone Brewery/ Clifford Honey Farm complex. We rushed along a dirt CORRUGATED road which took 15 mins for 2 k but still arrived 15 mins before closing time of 5 pm. We should not have bothered. They had one beer. Honey Wheat Ale. Shock Horror

Then it was time to head back to B&B for some free wine and paid for nuts . It was a very passable local Dudley Wines Shiraz blend and we shall visit and buy some more as we finished this one tout suite. As the sun was almost setting some wildlife appeared and here I am without my gun. Oh well

It all seems very quiet and peaceful so looking forward to good nights sleep after last nights debacle. In hindsight , maybe I should have shared that bottle of red with CLP but she was rolling in lavender somewhere.

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