RtR – Disrobe or Datrobe?

Posted: October 28, 2019 in Travel

After a relaxing but full few days in Melbourne it was time to venture West young man towards Kangaroo Island. Using my Math skills again I divided 11 hrs to Cape Jervis by 2 and ended up with Robe. So it was

Not sure am completely taken with CLPs new hair do but its her call. We left just before 730 am and have to say it was quite easy to get out of “city” and onto MI from our lodgings. We were in fact very taken with the City Tempo Short Stay apartments as a place to stay if have to drive in and also as a quite and spacious accomodation. We shall return

Pretty soon we were winding our way to Ballarat and with almost 6 hrs driving were keen to split into 3 x 2hr drives. There is that Math again . That had us approaching Skipton on time for first break and drove off a little to very pleasant Emu Creek Deli and Gifts for coffee. CLP said I was enough of a gift in her life and needed no more but did share my Lamington with her. I am a giver, what can I say 🤓

Back on the road for what was a very pleasant drive. Single Lane highway but no traffic and easy to keep at 100kph. Victorian kids are tough – only have to slow down to 80 mph for school zones on highways. Lovely green scenery with plenty of relaxed sheep around as none being bothered by Kiwis who were all home practicing for 2023……

Our driving plan had us stopping in Coleraine as we approached lunchtime so caught some lunch at The Catching Pen. Lovely home made pies and sausage rolls fitted the bill perfectly. As no petrol station we then drove the short distance to Casterton which as we all know is the birthplace of the Kelpie

It was a glorious day for driving with clear blue skies and temps of 12-19. Another 2 hrs had us in our destination of Robe and booking into Lakeview Hotel. We looked out of window and saw lake so assumed we were at right place. Looks great and can walk into town

On such a glorious day though first we decided to take a short drive to check out the rugged coastline. Glorious scenery and the sea was a spectacular blue. There is a Lighthouse and an Obelisk but only one protects shipping

Then it was time to head back to spacious unit and chill for an hour before walk back into town around 430 pm for a beer, dinner and a beer. We had regained half an hour of our sleep time by crossing into SA so sun may go down before 10 pm. I need to be careful and only walk in good light as they say the cliffs can be tricky. Luckily I have two good ankles and a keen sense of balance

Relatively easy walk into town had us Pub Adjacent well before 5pm at The Cally. Nice beer but a rowdy courtyard saw us move onward and upward on a simply glorious afternoon. The Robe Hotel looked dead from outside but was open and was actually near the ocean. We finally tried the Official Melbourne Cup beer – Furphy – and it was crisp and cleansing . Having already decided to return the The Cally for dinner post 6 pm we continued up to The Summit at 27 feet above sea level. It was an easy walk to be fair

It would appear that lot of ships crashed around here and they may or may not have had loads of Chinese on board. Apparently the Chinese move to the Ballarat/Bendigo Gold Fields started at Robe. Odd then that the Chinese Takeaway was closed on a Monday evening. It’s a quaint little Main Street and a very pleasant stroll between imbibing

Sadly we missed the Beerfest by 2 days .Then it was back to The Cally for a very pleasant Lamb Shank for moi and a Curry for CLP. Washed down with a couple of Reds seemed appropriate and sensible. Then I saw the Espresso Martini on Tap and thought – “It cant be worse than the can stuff” ? And it wasn’t but by now the Wobbly Boot was attached and not on the good ankle . I did add water for hydration

Time then to waddle home to our motel unit. It’s a great unit but just a tad concerned about the 3 carloads of French tourists that have arrived in the 3 units next door . Time will tell. At least the lake is still there

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