RtR – And on the Third Day….

Posted: October 27, 2019 in Travel

They all left 😰 There were staggered departures of Familia today and nothing to do with excess drinking but rather a time thing. First up BC2 and Quinn catch the Skybus around 0845 for the 11 am return flight . RJE are taking the Shebah option which works well with Bub. Leaving at 0930 for same flight – with Sheila driver I would have left at 0730 🤓 Ouch, that slap hurt. Finally ADJG dont leave until early afternoon so the 4 of us will wander down to South Markets later in morning. Then we will be ….

To kickstart the day though we will grab an early coffee at Cafe Bella across the road on a tres pleasant morning. The wind must be strong still because the Hunter Valley Balloon Flights are a bit off course 😳

Always a bit sad when you have had a wonderful week shared with family at different times and then life returns slowly to normal. It’s been a massive last 7 days with lots of planning for different events but all gone off very well. Now we are just a couple of Grey Nomads on the loose. Unlike my belt buckle at present

First up the old Switcheroo. We move from our 2 bedroom apartment on Floor 37 (with lodgers) to our 1 bedroom apartment solo on Floor 40. At this rate we should be in The Penthouse by Tuesday . Nice views from different side of building

Then we walked to South Melbourne Market for a coffee and last catch up with ADJG. The Fresh Food Deli side of the operation is truly tantalising as all of these markets are . We picked out our dinner for later, bid adieu to last of Family and headed to DFO for guaranteed shopping success

As you know when you have one successful shopping trip returning to scene of crime never goes quite as well. Still I got one more pair of Jeans for $30 so that is same as 2 for $15 right? It was now lunch time but the thirst won out over the hunger and so dropped into Munich Brauhaus to blow the froth of a couple. The Oom Pah band were in full swing but we smartly avoided the array of pork edibles available . This place would go off like a frog in a sock at night

We moved a couple of establishments down where all common sense escaped us. We ordered The Platter and 2 cocktails . All reasonably priced mind you but way too much food . Still it was very comfortable and out of any weather which was very changeable at present to say the least

We quickly ducked back into DFO and a couple of Travel shops to pick up two smaller bags for our African Safari 2020 involving light planes and rubber bands. Should be no longer than 60 cm and all soft material. We were successful but must admit was a bit ticked off when CLP insisted on keeping the Pink One 😰. Then it was back home to relax for a few and may head out later although full as a State School Hatrack at present. A walk to AC/DC lane and maybe some Tapas appeals . Or at least did until The Platter! Watch this space

Ok stop watching and start reading again. Weather was a bit dicey but we did head out around 530 pm in light drizzle. This of course bought out one of my pet peeves in ignorant assholes. Women, mostly Japanese, who walk along with head down but umbrella up! Given they are mostly 4 feet tall this puts edge of umbrella right at my eye level. Bloody dangerous and annoying. We made it to AC/DC lane and checked out others along way. A Bon Scott met a Bonza Aussie you could say.

Time to head home for an early night. It’s been a great 3 days but very busy and a lot of food and drink. So, much like home really apart from the busy bit. Tomorrow we leave Melbourne on a 2 day trek to Kangaroo Island with an overnighter in Robe. I think our arrival doubles the town’s population for the night

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