RtR – Snails, Frogs Legs and Wind

Posted: October 26, 2019 in Uncategorized

One of those may be a weather condition . Or may be related to the other two. Today we sample the fare of The Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys also known as The French. Drinking may be involved 🐌🐸🥖🥂

Forecast is 12 – 16 degrees and very windy but day has dawned beautifully. Could a weather forecast be a tad askew? Sacre Bleu . We are indoors at St Kilda so weather not the biggest issue. Apparently we cook it and then eat and in a special birthday treat CLP gets to wash the dishes . First we have to find the place where the Frenchies hang out and approach with caution. They can be touchy as we know

A Maxi Cab down had us all aligned on the French Border nice and early but our wonderful host Tonya was happy to let us in. It is actually her home with beautiful views over the water but also ideally set up to cater for our group of 8.2 . It is called Cooking on the Bay but luckily we were indoors as the wind started to blow. Our menu was laid out for us and broken into 4 groups of two each with designated task.

Our job – CLP and moi – was the Twice Baked Goats Cheese Soufflé . Easy peasy . A whisk here, a stir there and bung in the oven. Everyone else seemed busy so I quickly sorted out the bubbles while Ant practiced some French disdain

While the food and drink were amazing the true highlight for us was to have the CLP familia together in such a relaxed setting. Eloise was a treat as always and while it does impact on Rick and Jess’s ability to fully immerse themselves in the experience it also adds to the feeling of family.

After our rather excellent soufflé it was time to cook up the duck. We left this in capable hands of CLPant. Patent pending.

That could only mean it was time to fire up and sizzle some creme brûlée . BC2 and Quinn were pyromaniacs in the making so quickly stepped forward and took charge. The results were bordering on delectable

After an amazing and thoroughly enjoyable 8 hrs there was only one thing needed to make CLPs day a treasured memory

It has been an amazing week starting with a wonderful wedding and ending with this memorable experience . We are lucky folk indeed . We say goodbye to family tomorrow and then chill for one more night before heading off slowly to Kangaroo Island

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