RtR – Melboring

Posted: October 25, 2019 in Travel

Ah Melboring. “ Weather App says 21 degrees, feels like 7 “. Perfect . Time for a walk first up into the CBD in search of a good coffee and a light breakfast. The search continues . CLP stood in line waiting for free tickets to the Harry Potter Extravaganza but I suspect it was a scam . Didn’t have heart to tell her . We had an ok coffee and an impressive breakfast but not when I wanted a light start to day!

Time to walk some of that off so headed to DFO South Wharf under drizzly skies and had a very successful shopping trip and CLP didnt buy anything! When Just Jeans has 2 prs of Jeans for $15 you just hook in eh.

Family duly arrived and all settled in by midday . BC2 and Quinn joined us for lunch while RJE settled in or as well as you can when one bag still had to be delivered from Qantas 😰 Wandered back to Southbank and some Mexican Tucker at Ponyfish. Luckily Trumps Wall was still under construction. The weather had cleared nicely

Spent a few hrs in afternoon in our unit with all family together at last. Lovely way to spend some relaxing time with some beers and champers. Everyone has had a big day so looking like Melbourne may be saved a Friday night Della invasion

Headed out for early 6pm dinner in city to Shanghai Street Dumplings . We took 2 Ubers and of course I got stuck with the slow one. Meeting Point – 1 Balston Street – was easy – ask Ant’s driver😏 Our guy did get stuck in traffic but then saw his car on map approaching our corner but then stationary for a min or two. Traffic? Nope he just decided to park on the busier City Road. We sussed this out eventually and arrived for dinner. Then saw my Uber trip had an added 32c “waiting time” WTF😡

We were there before 630 pm but still a line up. However all works efficiently and our table of 6 was soon seated and eating dumplings and drinking beer. When in Chinatown…

Great night, Great company with a couple of ring ins and still didnt need my wallet ✔️✔️✔️🕺🏻 Thanks Ant and Julia


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