RtR – Gundagai to Melboring

Posted: October 24, 2019 in Travel

Good nights sleep had us ready for our included Continental Breakfast served in delightful surroundings. Perfect start to another long day of driving

Then it was time to hit the road for the next 500klm trip. This one would be easy at start and nasty at end . To be fair it was easy for 470 k, slow for 29 k and a nightmare for 1 k😏

The Hume Highway is an excellent H’way and an easy drive at 110k. Almost too easy at times as it becomes hypnotising like black line fever without getting wet. Some roadworks but not much and what I like in NSW/Vic is when the last witch’s hat is passed its straight back up to 110 k stat. In Qld it takes 5 k to get back to speed limit in 20 k steps!

We decided to stop at Glenrowan to leave us a 2hr last run to city. Had been there before so just had coffee and scone and didnt do any tourist crap . Apart from obligatory photo op

It was all smooth sailing even into Melboring until we hit Westgate or more importantly try and leave and merge with M1 . It was congested but drivers were courteous so cutting across 4 lanes in space of 30 m in bumper to bumper traffic was doable. We arrived at City Road for our Short Stay apartments and then came the real hassle – parking on street while CLP registered. No fines incurred and then up to 5th level of car park and 37th floor for 2 bed room apartment. First up , my Senior Moment . Having swiped security to get to lift foyer I assumed pressing 37 would be enough as it seemed lift went up straight away. It stopped at 33 however. Young Gent got in and pressed “G” . Ah sorry Pal this lift is going up. Ah, no its going down mate. So, it was simply fortuitous that lift went up when we were in it. Of course it stopped 7 bloody times on way down to “G” but then went straight back up to 37 in one hit! Great apartment

So, the run sheet is. We are here for 4 nights to celebrate CLP 60th and Retirement with her family. Her brother and wife arrive this arvo and then da boys and partners and any current/future offspring arrive tomorrow. On Saturday we have a French Cooking/Eating/Scowling class at St Kilda – more to follow. After that drive I need a beer , hey look there is one and he brought a mate . Those Irish….

ADJG ,as known in da family, joined us late afternoon for some pre dinner Champers in our unit . While still sober we decided to head to Lygon Street around 730 pm for dinner at University Cafe, no booking so happy to get a table as even on a Thursday night Lygon Street was busy. From there , our luck dipped a tad. Ant didnt even need to look further than second item on Specials menu and promptly ordered 3 x Spaghetti Vongole. “Ah , I think we are out of that , let me check….Yep” Cath changed to item 3 on Specials menu – Fettucine with Chicken Livers . “Ah let me check – no that is out too” “Not much of a Cheese Shop really are you?” “Dare I ask about the last item on Specials menu – you know the one prepared especially for tonight’s guests ?” “ How is the Quail looking? “ “Hmm, there was a run on that early in the evening……yes we have one left”” Quick, go stamp it TABLE 65 ONLY”! EDITORS NOTE – as Table 3 , our first choice, turned out to be directly under arctic fan blast from AC we joined Tables 5 and 6 together ergo Table 65.

From there the night picked up beautifully. Great food, Great company and I left my wallet at home . ✔️✔️✔️🕺🏻

Looks like a fun weekend ahead

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