RtR – The Road to Gundagai

Posted: October 23, 2019 in Travel

Caught up on our sleep in readiness for the long drive to Gundagai today. If we see a Tucker Box by nightfall it will be Mission Accomplished

It is a long drive but mostly good highway. We skirted the western suburbs of Sydney where there was a bit of traffic but still made good time. Main comments about the M2/M7 after Sydney are the highway is full of trucks and there are minimal Service Centres at least initially. Plenty of rest stops and Truck parks but it wasn’t until after Midday we found one with food and toilets – life’s major needs. It was at Sutton Forest East and fair to say a Big Mac ain’t what it used to be. Then back on highway for last 2 hrs but still needed one more rest stop just to stretch . Then on the right as we approached Gundagai we saw the famous Dog On Tuckerbox. Or we would have had we thought to bring binoculars! We followed the sign and crossed the highway. So, to be pedantic the Dog is actually on THE ROAD OUT OF Gundagai 😏

The other interesting factoid about our stop was as soon as left car swarmed with flies! Very annoying. Took snap and back in car. Short trip to Gundagai Central and as a bit early we stopped in for requisite beer at the Criterion Pub. Cold and Tasty.


Then onto our Air BNB for night – Araleun. Built in 1926 and the residence of marble craftsman Frank Rusconi who’s most famous work was ….. wait for it…….The Dog on the Tuckerbox. Spooky shit

It’s a lovely residence and we have separate bed and living room as well as bath. Easy 10 min walk back into town for a pub meal and also nearby Historic Bridges . And there was a big flood

After some relaxing it was time to walk the Main Street from start to finish as we had 3 minutes to spare. Our choice for dinner in small towns is the RSL and while never original it is reliable and the beer is cold. This time felt like we had landed in the middle of a Trump Rally! The holy trifecta of comb over, sideburns and California Poppy. I dont care what anyone says – White T Shirt, Blue Subbies and Brown boots is perfectly acceptable after 6 wear in town. To fit in we ordered the Chicken Parmigiana , Roast of Day and bottle of Yellowtail

We decided to walk home on other side of street to get the full experience of Rocking Gundagai on a Wednesday evening. The Dad and Dave statue was a highlight

Another big drive tomorrow into Melboring but at least then we can chill for a few days . May be handy as fear The Dreaded Lurgy is taking hold. So another full day really only leaves one question

Seriously, is Gundagai the Friggin’ Fly Capital of the world?


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