RtR – Hunter Valley

Posted: October 22, 2019 in Travel

Weather forecast was excellent so all systems go for our Balloon Aloft (and stay aloft?)flight over Hunter Valley . Up at 4am to ensure arrival at Peterson House at 5 am for check in and loading. Surprised that there about 16 people , 10 of whom one big Japanese group. Of most concern was the 4 yr old kid one was holding! No interpreter of course so hard for pilot to explain 5yrs is cut off – why would anyone bring a kid anyway? The argument wasted 15 mins but the Pilot stuck to his guns luckily. A bus trip out to launch site – Cape Caneverland. Then it was almost time to be

Now it was time to inflate balloon etc and quite an interesting spectacle . We eventually took off a bit after 6 am and of course perfectly timed for sunrise. 1000 photos to choose from from what was a simply amazing experience. Here are some I prepared earlier


After a successful landing at Hope Estate – how appropriate – it was all hands on deck to help deflate and pack away balloon. Then it was time to return to Peterson House and pack away a champagne breakfast. Life is flat without bubbles

We then did a tasting and CLP joined the Peterson House Wine Club as she does enjoy their champers and had also just missed out on joining the mile high club by 1500m 🤓 Time then to head home for a break and maybe a nana nap. 90 mins later it was 1130 when we awoke! Time to tick off a couple more wineries in no particular order except the exact one we followed. Started at the Chocolate Factory first as you do. Had a so so coffee but bought some nice choccies as we feared we were starting to fade away. Then it was back to Hope Estate for some beers and lunch

Just to mix it up we then went to Hunter Distillery and had a sampling of vodkas and gins and even a frisky Schnapps. Which I bought. Then onto De Iuliis – try saying that 3 times quickly after a Schnapps Attack. A couple of Reds purchased before finishing off at Mistletoe Wines for a few whites and a kiss even though it wasn’t Xmas. 3 wineries while driving is our limit but we had tasted a good range

Then back home and a quick swim on what was a glorious day. Chill out for a few and then waddle up road to Hunter Brewhouse for a cleansing ale and dinner as the sun thinks about going down some time soon. I shan’t bore you with more photos of me drinking beer. After all our time together I think you can trust me by now . If I see beer it will be drunk.

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