RtR – Armidale to Pokolbin

Posted: October 21, 2019 in Travel

The included Continental Breakfast performed its duty so after a good nights sleep we were on the road at 730 am. Another good run with some road work still had us motoring along at a good lick. We use Google Maps mostly on the road but you need to be aware of some of its shortcomings. The fastest route not always the best route as we found when stuck on 5 kms of gravel road to avoid the 3 min detour via Tamworth! We chose Willow Tree as a midway point for no other reason then it was …… midway😏. Research had indicated that Georgie Browns Cottage at 8 New England Hwy was a good coffee stop. We stopped at place that looked like photo but was called La Chikky Cafe now. Sold coffee so went in and ordered and sat in Courtyard waiting. The white look was first concern for a Flat White – the second was the taste. The grass wont need watering under our table tonight if ya get my drift. Checked coffee app and it suggested The Plains Pantry next door. Much better. We bought 2 coffees each in space of 10 mins but only drank one. Life is too short for crap coffee. There were two tourist buses stopped at Willow Tree but its allure still escapes this LBD. It’s a one horse town and the Glue Factory has openings

Back on the road and another 2 hrs had us as Estate Tuscany in Pokolbin. A bit early for check in so we parked and walked up to nearby Broken Back Bar just at the bottom of Brokeback Mountain. Had a very cold and tasty Kirin beer and a small plate of canapés. Kirin beer is a Japanese named beer brewed in Australia by a Scotsman served to us by a Kiwi! I bring people together , its what I do

We then checked into a tres pleasant room and at present the place looks quiet . Just need a stepladder to get into bed

Then it was time to start the wine tasting. First up was the ever reliable Brokenwood and have to say it was amazing. Not only is the Cellar Door brilliant now but staff were so friendly and helpful. CLP ordered a dozen to be delivered as she was always going to and so the lady threw in a bottle for us to drink tonight. By now we were a bit peckish so headed to an old fave – Usher Tinkler – for a cured meat platter . Pretentious Pratt’s call them Charcuterie. Usher Tinkler called them “Closed” as in food stopped at 230 pm and the chef has closed the can . Oh well onto McWilliams Mt Pleasant as our last stop for day. Another wine tasting and bought a couple but by 330 pm tummy was growling so dropped into adjacent Cheese Shop who didnt serve Wensleydale but did serve a perfectly acceptable Charcuterie. Go figure eh. I knew it was time to stop drinking when tipped excess wine into water jug instead of spittoon. The look on lady’s face suggested I was not the first to have done that

Then it was back home and although it was 430 pm we Qlders knew that it was really 330 pm so straight to the Pool Room. Lovely

We had a dinner booked for 6pm to avoid a large booking at 630 pm so sun will be up but so is my appetite. Not often that the most important item of clothing apparel for dinner is Sunglasses 😏 Easy stumbling distance so no probs having a few sherberts. Apart from fact we need to be up at 4 am tomorrow for our Sunrise Balloon Flight!

There was no trouble at or finding The Old Mill restaurant as it was next to Broken Back Bar. Meal was excellent and a perfect end to a great day . And it was almost dark when we left the restaurant. Damn if I am going to eat that early should have gone for the Seniors Discount

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