RtR – Armidale

Posted: October 20, 2019 in Travel

Left Toowoomba at 0730 and decided to drive to Warwick for breakfast rather than go the Maccas Drive Thru option. Lovely clear day and easy drive first up. Stopped at Cafe Jacquis just as you entered town and had a very passable breakfast and a rather ordinary coffee. Our luck has to change soon. Then we took requisite photo of town highlight before continuing on to Glenn Innes

Light traffic and good roads with plenty of overtaking lanes made for a relatively easy trip. We crossed into NSW and suddenly lost an hour of our lives and also 10 points of our IQ…. Rather than risking another coffee and still being rather full from lavish breakfast I devised a clever plan. How about for our driving break if late in morning we drop into a pub for a cold beer instead. The Imperial Hotel in Glenn Innes ticked most boxes and then came next lesson. Learn the lingo – midis or schooners?

Having rinsed the tonsils adequately and still being BAC of 0.001 we continued onto Armidale. Our Air BNB was an easy find and looks great for one night. Not much relaxing area but there is an outside setting which we will abuse when sun goes down

Time then to get lay of land and some lunch. We knew town centre was close by but sadly headed in wrong direction on foot. No dramas as we found a fish and chippery which hit the spot perfectly. Left premises and looked right but went left. Sure enough we were middle of town Licketty spit. Mind you downtown Armidale on a Sunday afternoon makes Maryhole look like a thriving metropolis! Dan Murphys was only place open which as luck would have it the only place we needed. Wine bought and ready to abuse said outdoor gear if sun ever goes down

It did


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