Road to Rooin’ – The Wedding

Posted: October 19, 2019 in Travel

Before heading off south for a few have a very important date in Toowoomba with a certain daughter. Headed out day before as it was TACAPS Grandparents Day and they are always a treat. Very impressive school and lovely to see the 3 Grandkiddies interact together so well as they show me their school

First though we picked up hire suit only to find the shirt was a bit tight in the neck as in no way could do up collar! Found the next size up in an off the rack shirt and it will do. I suggest people are not there to look at me. The City Golf Club motel looks tres impressive as well. Great service and we got in early at 1030 so knobber knobber. Led to a relaxing afternoon as family slowly rolled in. It’s not set up well for nearby eating/drinking establishments but not an issue. We headed off to Golf Club for dinner with brother and family for an early reconnoiter. Easy walk and impressive place. Should be able to stumble home if needed after Reception.

Wedding day dawned foggy/cloudy. Who knows in Toowoomba. Have been watching weather forecast daily and of course it changes daily and we have gone from a glorious sunny warm day to now a cooler but maybe drizzly day. Time will tell

Weather hung in until 1 pm and then bucketed down! It did clear in time for ceremony so went ahead outside in a lovely setting but was hot and muggy. The girls all looked lovely and it was a true honour and privilege to walk this special lady down the aisle . So lovely to have Grandchildren as part of ceremony as well

A lovely reception to follow with great food and plenty to drink but for once this LBD was sensible. May be getting too old for speeches without cheat notes as did freeze a couple of times and cant blame alcohol. A wonderful night though to celebrate the union of these two amazing people who are so clearly in love. Left the younguns to the dancing and drinking and took the pleasant walk home option.

Of course the next day dawned clear and beautiful and time to hit the road for Armidale where expected to be only 2 degrees overnight . Darool Darool

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